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Spend some time testing this for your business, it may be your roadmap to success too. In this episode I’ll give 3 Must have online marketing strategies.

3 Must have online marketing strategies to grow your business

If you’re building a business in today’s noisy online world it pays to be on top of your marketing and understand what will bring you the biggest return on investment.


We all love social media but it may not be the best place for you to spend the majority of your time if it doesn’t bring you in any paying clients.


So, what do you need to focus on?

Firstly, let me say this… The suggestions I am giving you below are a guide and may not be the right ones for you, but from what I’ve seen over the years in business is that those who do well and have built a sizeable business tend to focus on these three online marketing strategies among other marketing strategies.


I suggest that you spend some time testing this for your business, because it may well be your roadmap to success too.

Spend some time testing this for your business, it may be your roadmap to success too. In this episode I’ll give 3 Must have online marketing strategies.

In this episode I’ll give 3 Must have online marketing strategies to grow your business

If you’re building a business in today’s noisy online world it pays to be on top of your marketing and understand what will bring you the biggest return on investment.

We all love social media but it may not be the best place for you to spend the majority of your time if it doesn’t bring you in any paying clients.



1: Website

This first one might seem obvious but sadly I hear of businesses skipping setting up a website in favor of being on social media. Whilst social media is an excellent place to be for most businesses, and it’s where we build relationships with our audience, it’s also a place that’s controlled by someone else. What I mean by this is that if Facebook, Instagram or whichever platform you are using decides that it wants to shut down your account, they can.


Yes, unfortunately this happens to businesses. I’ve heard of cases where the business has built up thousands of followers and then has their account suspended or closed, which means all the hard work was lost.


Having a website means that you have a home-base, a place that you ‘own’ and where you’re the boss. The other advantages of having a website are that you can use your own branding, focus on optimizing it for search engine optimization and install various tracking pixels.


2: Building a database


You may have heard me talk about list building before since I’m a big advocate of it. Building a list, or a database, of prospective and current client should be a focus in your business particularly if you offer something that you want to sell in higher volumes, like products, downloads or courses.


If your business relies on volume, having an email list will help you communicate with more people, nurture them and eventually convert them to sales.


The reasons for building a list are similar to the reasons above. Building your own database means that you have control over it and nobody can shut it down and undo all your hard work.


Having a list also means that you have the opportunity to build a closer relationship with your audience as emails are still a more effective way to communicate with people than social media is. Relying on social media means you’re relying on platforms such as Facebook to show your message to your audience, which often doesn’t happen. By owning your database you have control over who you contact and how often.


3: Video

In the last year, video has become one of the major marketing strategies online. In particular on Facebook, where you can now host live videos and the videos posted directly to your page count towards building a retargeting audience.

There are many reasons for using video in your marketing strategy, some of them are:

Video can boost your sales or conversions

Research shows that having a video on your landing page or sales page can boost your conversions upto 80%. Check out these other impressive video stats for more reasons to use video.

Video builds trust

This might not come as a surprise, mostly because video is likely to engage us and ignite our emotions. When we see a video, many of our senses are stimulated including sight, sound and movement. Listening to and seeing someone on screen often speeds up the KLT (know – like – trust) factor. Trust is the foundation of conversions and sales. The whole concept of content marketing is based on trust and creating long-term relationships, video enhances this concept.

Facebook (and Google) loves video

Over the past year video has gained a lot of popularity on social networking platforms, but also on YouTube and other video hosting platforms. Because YouTube is owned by Google, there are some perks to having video on your landing pages.

What I’m really interested in, as a Facebook ads strategist, is Facebook’s love for video. You may have noticed quite a few videos pop up in your Facebook newsfeed and this is for good reason. Facebook loves video and prioritizes it in your newsfeed. They have also added a feature where you automatically build a retargeting audience when you upload a video directly onto your business Facebook page, no pixel needed!

If you use, or are considering using, Facebook ads in your business, you really can’t avoid using video in your marketing strategy. Right now it’s one of the best performing ads methods on Facebook, especially because you can retarget those who have watched a certain amount of your video.


Are you using video in your marketing strategy?


Recap: With so many marketing strategies out there, how do you know what to choose for your business? It all comes down to trying various strategies for your business and measuring what works.

Right now, the three marketing strategies that I consider a MUST in your business are:

1: Website
2: Building a database
3: Video


In this article I share 7 important strategies for anyone who wants to up their game and Instagram refresh . We'll let’s get started!

7 Simple Steps to an Instagram Refresh

Does your Instagram need a little refresh? We’ve lined up 7 daily prompts that will encourage you to post something new and relevant every day for 7 days.

In this article I share 7 important strategies for anyone who wants to up their game and Instagram refresh . We’ll let’s get started!

In this article I share 7 important strategies for anyone who wants to up their game and Instagram refresh . We'll let’s get started!


Step 1: Gather Inspiration

The first step to any great project is to gather up ideas and inspiration. One of my favorite new ways to organize all those juicy nuggets is to use Instagram’s new Saved Images and Collections.

That little flag in the upper left corner of your profile can unlock a smorgasbord of gorgeous posts from all around Instagram. Whenever you spot something you love on the platform simply click that handy little flag, and it’s stored safe and sound within Instagram, and then organize them with ease in the Collections.


Step 2: Know Your Brand Keywords

We always want to make sure we are representing our personal brands on all our social media platforms, and especially Instagram because it’s so very visual. I tell my students to think of their Instagram feeds like their own personal magazines. If you went to the magazine section of Barnes & Noble, what magazine would your personal brand be closest to? What are the three most fitting adjectives that would describe your magazine?

Make sure every post you share on Instagram embodies those adjectives so you can show up consistently and allow your Instagram followers to know you, like you, and trust your brand because you’re showing up the same way every day. The three brand keywords or adjectives you select will be the “North Star” to all your design decisions. It’s so important to have that clarity before you start designing all willy nilly.


Step 3: Pick a Color Palette

This is where the fun part starts my friends. All of us creatives love jumping into color! Here is where you get to choose: Are you going to stick solely to one brand palette, or will you change up coordinating color palettes throughout your feed? I actually switch out my color palette inspiration each week by starting off my Mondays with a Mood Board Monday theme.

Then, I plan out the visuals for the rest of the week based on the colors of that week’s color palette. No matter what you choose, there are a TON of fantastic resources on Rising Women Network where you can get amazing color palettes to guide your Instagram Refresh.

Step 4: Choose Your Fonts

Another one of my favorite parts is selecting the fonts I’ll use in graphics on my Instagram feed. Fellow font lovers like me can sometimes go overboard trying to share every single font they fall in love with, but it can produce a less polished and less cohesive feed.

Stick to three main fonts for your Instagram feed. This will prevent design overload for your followers, and it will make your posts more easily recognizable as your followers are scrolling through Instagram.


Step 5: Brainstorm Some Recurring Themes

Using content themes for your Instagram posts is the fastest way to make your Instagram Refresh simple and streamlined. Come up with daily themes you can share every single week and create templates based on those themes.


Step 6: Plan Your Content

Using Editorial Calendars, I will sit down and create a plan for all the posts I will be sharing for the week or month. Visualizing what you are going to share enables you to make sure your posts all work together towards your goals. It also gives you a checklist of the different content you need to create and schedule.


Step 7: Get Personal

If there is one thing I cannot stress enough about Instagram, it’s to show up on your feed! Start gathering up those selfies! Or, work with a photographer if you need to. Either way the world wants to see you. I like to use the rule of thumb that there should be a photo of you in every single 9 grid, or every cluster of images 3 down and 3 across.


BONUS – Step 8: Check the Layout

And last but not least- make sure you check all the visuals together to ensure you are creating a stunning and refreshed Instagram feed that serves as your virtual magazine. There’s so many apps to help you do this nowadays, but I really love The Preview App. It allows you to drag and drop your images, use filters, and rearrange as needed (in case you need to squeeze in a new image)!


Let the Refresh Begin!

Hopefully these tips have empowered and inspired you to refresh your Instagram feed and start getting all you can out of this very powerful social media platform.

Download the list 10 Instagram tools that will blow up your Instagram account

Get even more Instagram tips with this free download. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to drive more engagement and earn more followers.

In this episode I’ll give 4 important reasons why you need a website instead of simple a Facebook page for your business.

4 Reasons why you need a website instead of a Facebook page

I get asked this question all the time.


Do I need a website or is having a Facebook page for business ok?


You most definitely need a website in addition to your Facebook page

In this episode I’ll give 4 important reasons why you need a website instead of simple a Facebook page for your business.

In this episode I’ll give 4 important reasons why you need a website instead of just a Facebook page.

You don’t own your Facebook page or your fans

If Facebook decides to close up shop you will lose everything you’ve worked so hard for. Facebook also has the right to shut down business pages and it continuously does so. It’s in their terms and conditions that they have the right to shut down business pages and this is pretty much the same with any other social media platform. Unfortunately, Facebook and other social media platforms offer very poor customer service, which means that if your page is suspended it is virtually impossible to get your page and its likers back.



It’s not designed for your business

Facebook is the one that has chosen the colors, the branding, the fonts. Although you can add a logo and an image, you have very little control over how you present your brand and every other business gets the same options.



It limits your SEO & measuring capabilities

The more places your business and its products and services are represented on the web the better. With a website you have the opportunity to maximize your content by including relevant keywords in your website content and blog. Working on your website content by focusing on keyword relevance and density allows you a better chance of being listed in Google’s search rankings and thus found by your customers. We call this ‘search engine optimization’ or SEO. With a website you also have the option of incorporating Google Analytics so that you can keep an eye of how well you’re performing with the number of people visiting your site, where people click on your website and how long they spend on it. Limiting yourself to just being found through Facebook weakens your potential to tap into a broader audience as well as gaining knowledge of your potential clients’ online behavior.


It’s not the only tool

Facebook can be seed as part of your kit but it’s not the tool. Facebook offers many benefits to businesses and your customers, and it should definitely be part of your strategy but it should never be used on it’s own. You can potentially use it to test the waters, but be sure to capture customer data so that you won’t lose it if Facebook shuts you down. An email newsletter is a great way to start.


LIGHT BULB MOMENT: Even if you don’t proceed with a website now and decide to test the waters with a Facebook page, at least secure your business web address. To get the best out of your provider, make sure they have a local number you can call for service and support.


As ambitious female entrepreneurs, we really want to have it all and do it all and be successful women! But realistically, we can’t transform overnight.

5 Things Successful Women Do Almost Every Day

As ambitious female entrepreneurs, we really want to have it all and do it all and be successful women! But realistically, we can’t transform overnight. Our goals and new habits will have to be spread out evenly throughout the year, or we’ll burn out!

So we’ve narrowed down our lists to include five things amazingly successful women do (nearly) every day.

As ambitious female entrepreneurs, we really want to have it all and do it all and be successful women! But realistically, we can’t transform overnight.


#1 – Make time for a healthy breakfast

Yes, your mom was right – breakfast really is the most important meal of the day. We all make time for breakfast, but do we really know how important it is? Power women like Beyoncé, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Taylor Swift, and Hillary Clinton, all swear by their breakfasts every morning! And they don’t just grab a breakfast bar on the way out, you can guarantee their breakfasts consist of avocado on toast, grapefruit, granola, something wholesome and healthy.

So make 2017 the year you squeeze an extra 5-10 minutes into your morning routine to prepare a healthy breakfast.

#2 – Successful women meditate

Making some time for the tiniest meditation practice can do wonders for your mind, body, and soul. Arianna Huffington and Oprah both meditate every day!

Even a 10-minute practice can do wonders for calming your mind. Download the Headspace app and try guided meditation; it’s the perfect antidote to a busy lifestyle. Meditating will give you time to slow your thoughts and space for greater inspiration and creativity!

#3 – Upgrade your morning water

Who doesn’t want to look as amazing as Gwyneth Paltrow? One thing she swears by is drinking hot water and lemon every day! The benefits of this drink are endless – it’s brilliant for first thing in the morning to warm up your digestive system. Swap your coffee for hot water and lemon, and start the day with a pint of water every day if you want better skin, digestion and to look eternally young!

#4 – Create a routine

If you compare many successful women’s daily routines, you’ll notice that they all have one thing in common: they wake up at the same time every day. It’s called a routine for a reason! Work out what time is best for you to get up and stick to it. If you want to start getting up earlier, slowly progress towards that by getting up 15 minutes earlier every day for a week at a time!

And give yourself some days off too – Sundays are definitely for lie-ins.

#5 – Write your intentions for the day

Arianna Huffington writes down her intentions for the day every morning. Lauren Conrad keeps a to-do list notebook by her bed so she can quickly scribble her goals for the day in the morning and evening! Treat yourself to a nice notebook for writing in daily intentions and goals, then cross them out as your day progresses. It gives you a really concrete sense of satisfaction!



4 Easy Steps To Conquer Procrastination

Am I the only one who suffers from a major case of procrastination-itis?

My friend Marie is the least procrastinating person I know. When she knows something is coming up, she is always prepared, and she somehow manages to always be completely proactive, even when there is a task she doesn’t always feel like doing.

She is seriously amazing

I first met her years ago, when we were both teaching Sunday School.

She was always prepared. Her lessons were impeccable—organized, well thought out, and totally on point. And as a result, her class was always calm and in control.


My class, not so much. I was always scrambling to put together my plan at the last minute, usually as the kids were walking in the door. We’d end up winging it most of the time, and my class was often on the verge of complete chaos.

So naturally, I did what anyone else in my position would do—I begged and pleaded with Marie to come and work for me! My business was growing, and I needed help, and I knew her calm would be the perfect balance to my chaos.

And thankfully, after many, many asks, she finally relented.

And I seriously don’t know what I would do without her. And even now, I am constantly in awe of her ability to never procrastinate.

Because I don’t know about you, but that is a skill that I definitely don’t possess! I’m great at getting the things done that I want to do.

But the stuff I’d rather not do? Well, that can always seem to wait for another day.

But over the years—perhaps it is Marie’s good influence rubbing off on me—I have developed a simple 4-step process for tackling those things I really, really, really don’t want to do.

And if you also happen to be suffering from procrastination-itis right now, they might just help you too!


Simple 4-step process I developed to stop procrastination and tackle those things I really, really, really don’t want to do.

In this episode I’ll tell you about a simple 4-step process I developed to stop procrastination and tackle those things I really, really, really don’t want to do.




Have you ever noticed yourself putting stuff off until the last possible minute? Yep, me too! And so I’ve noticed that my biggest procrastination problems come with tasks that don’t have a hard and fast deadline—those things I know should be done sometime in the future (just not right now.)

The key then, to getting those things done, is to CREATE a last minute by giving yourself a hard and fast deadline. Put it on your calendar in big red letters, and tell someone else it will be done by that time. Give your brain a sense of urgency.



Once you’ve got a hard and fast deadline to work towards, the next step is blocking out time in your schedule to work on said project or task. Figure out how long you think you’ll need, then make a 60-90 minute appointment with yourself to get it done.

If you think the task will take longer than 90 minutes, block out more time, but schedule a break in between time blocks.



When it comes time to work on your dreaded task, make sure to eliminate any distractions that will allow you to procrastinate even more. Turn off your phone and the Internet. Pop a movie in for the kids. Find a quiet place to work. Give yourself the gift of focus, just for the next hour.



Tell yourself that you ONLY have to work on this thing that you don’t want to do for the next hour. You can do anything for an hour, right? Then set the timer and get to work. You might just be surprised at what you are able to get done!


George Bernard Shaw once said, “If you take too long in deciding what to do with your life, you’ll find you’ve done it.” Along those same lines, Saint Augustine wryly pointed out that “God has promised forgiveness to your repentance, but He has not promised tomorrow to your procrastination.”

In other words? Whatever it is, stop putting it off.

My challenge for you this week is to tackle one task you’ve been avoiding. What have you been putting off that you know, deep down, really should get done? Once you’ve identified it—and chances are you know exactly what it is—it’s time to give yourself a deadline, then block out some time on your schedule, eliminate your distractions, and set the timer to get it done.

I’d love to hear how it goes—be sure to shoot me a quick comment below to let me know!


Live with purpose, friends, and have a productive week!


We want to help you increase your Instagram followers. There’s no reason with hard work and these tools, you can’t stand out amidst users on Instagram.

10 Easy Tactics To Get More Instagram Followers

We want to help you increase your Instagram followers. There’s no reason with hard work and these tools, why you can’t stand out amidst the 500 million active users on Instagram. Yes, that’s quite the challenge, but we believe in you and have 10 easy ways to get there.


We want to help you increase your Instagram followers. There’s no reason with hard work and these tools, you can’t stand out amidst users on Instagram.

10 Tactics To Grow Your Instagram Following

Alright, now let’s get down to business.

1. Complete Your Instagram Profile

First impressions are everything. According to Forbes, you have just seven seconds before making an impression.

The very first thing you can do to make a good impression with your Instagram account for new followers is to complete your profile information.

There are four key areas to complete:

  • Your profile image
  • Name
  • Bio
  • URL

First, make sure your image represents you or your business well and clearly.

This thumbnail can be very small, so utilize your space well so that followers can instantly identify with your image. Next, make sure your name and bio are straight forward. The bio can often be changed to sometimes include a call-to-action or something you want to highlight for a time being, but otherwise it should be nice and descriptive.

Lastly, make sure to include a link to your website. This is the only area an Instagram user can directly click to find out more about your business or product so use it wisely!

TIP: Change up the link area when you want to highlight different new or announcements.

2. Follow Suggested Users

Suggested users are chosen by Instagram that are based on people you follow, your contact list, or based off previous posts you’ve liked. This can be a great way to get new followers because you often already have something in common, helping you easier find your specific audience and niche. There are two ways to find suggested users:

  1. Discover People:Click on the icon in the top right of your app with the person with a plus sign. This will take you to “Discover People” where a list of suggested users lives.
  2. Profiles:Go to a profile that you enjoy. Right next to the “Following” button you’ll find a carrot icon. Click on the carrot and a list of suggested users will appear below for you to scroll through. This seems to give more of a variety of users, and can be fun to explore.

Both of these ways will open up your following to a whole new world of accounts, and thus will let you connect with others that are looking to follow content just like yours.

3. Create Awesome Visual Content

Instagram is arguably the most visual of all popular social platforms, which means there’s absolutely no way around creating and sharing good visual content. The primary focus of your imagery should be telling a story that’s focused around your brand, and then use creation tools to ensure it looks good visually.

TIP: Develop your Instagram strategy first, and then create content from there so you meet your goals from the start.

4. Post At The Best Time

Where should you start? Well, we analyzed the top 16 studies and found that 2am, 8-9am, and 5pm are the best times to post to Instagram. Whether people are going to bed, just getting to work, or checking out to return home for the day, they’re checking their Instagram waiting for awesome posts.

That’s where you come in. What days you ask? Monday and Thursdays have shown to be the most popular; however, some recommend sharing on Sundays as there’s a less volume of posts that day. Plan ahead to post at these times to be more seen, and watch your following grow.

5. Know How To Use Hashtags Effectively

Hashtags are a great tool for finding and connecting with new audience members. Hashtags serve as a categorizing feature so you can find others, and more importantly, they can find you. Hashtags often include the topic, location, and words related to that specific post or benefits of your product.

How many hashtags should I use? That’s a great question. Instagram allows you to use up to 30 hashtags for each post, but its best practice to use 5-10 hashtags. While more hashtags often is better, is always important to remember to avoid being spammy.

You can find the perfect amount of hashtags to use by doing two things:

  1. Look at what other hashtags the influencers in your industry are using and how many.
  2. Test your own Instagram posts with a variety of hashtag amounts, and see what works best.

Where can you find popular hashtags? An easy way to find what hashtags are currently trending is to use They provide a nice, clear list with the highest rated hashtags and how many posts currently have that hashtag. It also lets you click on the hashtag to see examples of how others are using it!


6. Stick To A Consistent Posting Schedule

Nobody likes change (well most of the time), and everyone finds a natural comfort in consistency. Let your audience find home in your consistent visuals, message, posting schedule, and overall tone of voice. Of course you may need to experiment when you’re just starting out to find what your audience enjoys most, but once you find that magic spot, stick with it. Suddenly your audience will keep coming back, growing new followers organically.

7. Make Your Account Visible Everywhere

Now, its time to think outside of Instagram.

To grow your following, make sure your Instagram social icon is on all of your digital presences such as your website, blog, email, you name it. Depending on the platform, you can even embed your Instagram account within so your outside audiences see your account before even entering the app itself. For example, we’ve embedded some of our Instagram posts directly into this blog, giving you a firsthand look at our account!

8. Promote Your Instagram Profile To Your Email Subscribers

Why not utilize all of your hard work of collecting email addresses? Add your Instagram account information in your email newsletters, email reminders, or maybe even an independent campaign to announce that you’re not only on Instagram, but that you’re excited to have them join you. Your biggest fans are those that subscribe to your content, so share the invite and watch them follow.

9. Use Instagram Advertising To Reach New People

Instagram ads offer 2.8x higher brand recall than other forms of online advertising. Instagram ads are integrated with Facebook ads and can be in the form of image, video, or carousel style, where multiple images are in a scroll for your audience to tap through. Using what you already know, you can simply promote your posts to go just a bit further, making a big difference with your following.

10. Measure Your Results

Whether you’re starting out or revamping your current Instagram, it’s never too early to start recording your data! If you can’t track your efforts, you’ll never be able to see if your strategy is working. Take out a notebook, create a Google Doc, Evernote, or your favorite tool, like Iconosquare, to track your results. Once you have your data, you can see trends and post content proves to grow your following. No more guessing, just growing.

There You Have It, 10 Ways To Grow Your Following

Instagram might seem intimidating at first, but if you start with just one of these tactics and continue to do more as you can, you’ll notice a huge difference. After all, Instagram engagement is 10x higher than Facebook and 54x higher than Pinterest, so what do you have to lose? Think about the story you have to tell, develop a habit of posting consistently, and then make your account as visible as possible. You’ve got this!

Download the list 10 Instagram tools that will blow up your Instagram account

Get even more Instagram tips with this free download. By the time you’re done reading, you’ll have all the knowledge you need to drive more engagement and earn more followers.


If you're wondering, "Well how the heck can I make my website stand out online?" Well in the episode I'm covering 5 steps to make your website stand out!

5 Effective Ways to Stand Out Online

The other day, I was curious to know just how many websites were currently online and I was amazed to see the answer; well OVER A BILLION.

Which is just a HUGE number!

And the bigger that number gets, the harder it is for creative entrepreneurs to stand out from all of the noise online to make the big impact that they wish to make.

Picture a small blade of grass trying to get noticed in a 100 mile wide grassy field … yeah … it’s kinda like that.

Now more than ever, it’s super important to make sure that your website doesn’t get lost in the shuffle! Because getting lost in the shuffle = bad for business.



Well in the episode I’m going to cover 5 steps to make your website stand out!

If you're wondering, "Well how the heck can I make my website stand out online?" Well in the episode I'm covering 5 steps to make your website stand out!

If you’ve got a website for more than just a hobby, then it’s especially important that you learn how to rise above all of the noise online and to stand out from the clutter so that you can get noticed, baby!

Because blending in and being forgotten equals sad face. ☹️

(And also bad for business, too!)

So behold, here’s 5 steps to make your website stand out online!






There are simply too many crappy free websites made by XYZ out there in the world, and if you’re trying to … ya know … be a business and actually make money online then you need your website to look PROFESSIONAL!

And that starts with using a professional platform. 😉

Plus, having a website that looks professional is really important for building the all important trust factor online, which is absolutely essential for an online business!

After all … you’d probably have a hard time trusting a business whose website looked cheap, crappy or outdated wouldn’t you?

I’m gonna go with yes. 😜

I personally love and WordPress (which is what I highly recommend to others), however I DID also use blogspot for 6 years. It’s a great platform in that you can allot even if you’re not ultra tech savvy.

So stand out and look like the professional that you are with  professional platform! 



Why? Because you’ve got about 3 seconds MAX to grab someone’s attention when they first land on your site!

But seriously, if people arrive to your website and they’re not really sure what the heck it’s about or if it’s going to be of any real value to them right off the bat, then they’re proooobably gonna leave. FAST.

And once again, that equals a sad face for your business. ☹️

As a delightful little example, I’ve made sure to include the purpose of my website and exactly who it’s for in the main header of my homepage so that it’s the first thing people see! See?

Do you think that people wonder what my site is about or who it’s for?

Proooobably not.




This means carefully choosing (AND using!) the exact same colors, fonts, graphic elements, vibe, voice and photography style on your entire website!

Your brand should be thoughtfully crafted to properly show off YOUR unique personality while also appealing to your dream customer. 👌🏻

After all, having a clear, consistent brand is what’s really going to set you apart from all of the noise that’s flooding the online world! And in a BIG way.



I don’t know about you, but when I can’t find the FACE behind a website it just …

… creeps me out a little.

Plus, there’s a serious lack of connection when that happens!

OR if someone’s photos of themselves are low quality, grainy, or are just a crappy phone pic etc. then it just … doesn’t give off the professional, stand out vibe that they should be giving off. Know what I’m say’in?

Your bio photos should be high quality, fit with the style and vibe of your brand and show off plenty of your personality, baby!




So … guess whose responsible for leading people to where they’re supposed to go on your website?


(I’m sure that you’re probably very shocked by this realization, no?)

But seriously, if people aren’t sure where to go or what to click on next, they’re probably just going to leave.

OR if you provide people with 101 million different options to click on right there on your homepage? (Drop downs! A million blog posts! A sidebar!)

… Yeeeeah. They’re gonna get overwhelmed. And probably leave.

SO my creative queens … what amazing free content do you have that can lead people to your amazing paid content? What do you want people to see? What specific ways do you help / inspire / teach people?


Is there a step from this list that you’re missing?

If so, go forth and take care of it!


Forget all the magic formulas. When you’re just getting started in your online business, there’s only 3 THINGS that you 100% need.

The Only 3 Things You Need To Create An Online Business

It wasn’t so long ago that I was beginning to figure out the world of online marketing. So trust me when I say I know exactly how overwhelming it can be to start out an online business!

Sometimes it seems like everyone has a different magical formula to sell you and a slightly different take on what will create a successful business.

I’m not saying that stuff doesn’t work. Most of it does! But at the end of the day, there are a million different pathways to success and at the end of the day you’re just going to have to figure out what the right ways is for YOU.

However, in the beginning, I’ve also seen too many businesses struggle to get off the ground because they’re waaaay over-complicating things.

It might seem like you need the fancy site, logo and marketing plan to get started.

But you don’t!

The more things you put on your to-do list the longer it might take you to get started!

(And lots of people stop before they even get started so let that be a warning to you!)

I don’t want you to suffer from overwhelm-itis!

I want you to jump in and start getting RESULTS in your business as fast as possible.

So forget all the magic formulas and stop watching all those endless webinars. (For real! Go cold turkey.)

When you’re just getting started in your online business, there’s only 3 THINGS that you 100% need.

Forget all the magic formulas. When you’re just getting started in your online business, there’s only 3 THINGS that you 100% need.


The Only 3 Things You Need To Launch Your Online Business





A Mailing List

Yup it’s true: the old-fashioned email list is one of the most important assets your business has! The people who care enough to sign up for your site are your biggest fans! You want to make sure that you can always keep in contact with them. That’s why social media alone is NOT enough. Facebook could theoretically be shut down tomorrow or your account could get hacked. You never own your social media followers but you will always “own” your email followers!


A Service or Product

An online business isn’t a business at all unless you’ve got something to sell! But don’t let that freak you out! In the beginning, you don’t NEED to create a signature class or service. You just need to start taking payments for SOMETHING that you do. So don’t be ashamed to start out small! Everyone starts somewhere. Marie Forleo did NOT become what she is today overnight!


A Way To Take Payments

Now that you’ve got something to sell, you also need a way to take payments. There are loads of different options out there but you can start as simple as a Paypal button. If you’re selling digital products I recommend a service like Gumroad (who takes a percentage of your total) or Get DPD (who takes a flat monthly fee). Each service has its own benefits and drawbacks and the perfect fit for you will depend largely on what you’re selling and how many. Do your research to find the plan with the lowest fees for you!


Never let all the experts out there overcomplicate starting your business! The most important things always just to dive in, get started and start focusing on making money. Because the faster you can start doing that, the sooner you’ll be able to ditch the day job!


For growing my business, these are literally the 3 things that I myself have focused on that have allowed me to build a thriving online business.

3 Epic Ways to Grow Your Business

Today I wanted to share with you 3 major epic to grow your business.

These are literally the 3 things that I myself have focused on (over the last 4 years especially), that have allowed me to build a thriving online business.

They are truly the foundation of it all!

I honestly believe with every colorful fiber of my being that you WILL see massive growth when you focus on doing these 3 little things.


Are you ready for’em? Excellent.



Focus on serving.

You need to leverage the most valuable currency that you’ve got; giving value to your audience. When you focus on serving and providing insane value (both free and paid) people will get to know you and trust you! Which are essential.

And when you create epic free content, people will want it. People will share it. People will spread it around like wild fire.

And you’ll grow.

TAKE ACTION: brainstorm something amazing that you could give to your audience for free (and then schedule yourself to actually create it!) What do they need? What do they want? Give it to them and grow your business!


Focus on being visible.

You can create the most epic, valuable content that there is, but if people aren’t actually seeing your content then you just wasted your time.

And wasting time is sad.

You need to be spending just as much time marketing your stuff and being visible as you do in creating it (if not MORE so!)

I’m talk’in about things like using Pinterest marketing to be more visible, doing Facebook live to be more visible and regularly putting yourself out there to be more visible so that people can connect with you and discover all that you have to offer!

Did you create something amazing?

Shout it from the mountain tops, baby! Regularly. (Which will lead me to the next thing in a moment …)

TAKE ACTION: Schedule yourself to contact 3 people every day this week to tell them about what you do and how you can help them. No arguing back- just dooooo it!


Focus on being consistent.

Yo … if there’s just ONE thing that I want you to remember from this email it’s this:

Success comes from what you do consistently.

When it comes to growing your blog or online business, consistency is a MUST.

This means:

  • Showing up everyday and taking action, even if it’s only for 5 minutes.
  • Consistently creating value for your audience.
  • Consistently marketing your business, over and over.
  • Consistently learning so that you can keep growing.

Tiny, small steps every day are better than inconsistent steps here and there.

Momentum comes from consistency.

(Have I drilled into your head that consistency is important yet? Haha!)

TAKE ACTION: What’s ONE area of your business that you need to be more consistent in? Marketing? Creating epic content? Simply showing up every day, even if it’s only for 5 minutes? Take 5 minutes to write down a plan of action on how you can be more consistent!

Are you using Instagram to its fullest potential? In this post I’ll give you four ways to use Instagram to get a bigger slice of those multi-billion likes!

How to Use Instagram To Its Fullest Potential

Using social media effectively is the fastest and easiest way to get your message out, build your tribe and get noticed. Instagram is a visually dynamic platform that has 500 million users, 300 million daily active users, and 4.2 billion likes given daily. Are you using Instagram to its fullest potential? I think you’ll want to now that you have some facts. In this post I’ll give you four ways to utilize Instagram to get a bigger slice of those multi-billion likes!

Let’s get started.

Are you using Instagram to its fullest potential? In this post I’ll give you four ways to use Instagram to get a bigger slice of those multi-billion likes!



What is it? In August 2016, Instagram launched stories. Stories are 15 second slices of recorded video that, ideally, you would sprinkle throughout your day.

Why should you use it? They only last 24 hours, giving your audience reason to keep up, because FOMO. Your audience can also leave comments, so it’s another way to engage in an authentic way.

How could you use it? If you’re a fashion blogger, you could take your audience with you to the dressing room (after you’ve changed!) and have them pick out an outfit for a special event. A food blogger could give their special tips on how to make a well loved recipe look professional (julienne those carrots!). If you’re a crafty blogger, you can showcase your pieces in progress with commentary, and your finished products. The sky is the limit, really.


What is it? Later in 2016, Instagram launched live video, with a twist. You can record live for as long as you like, receive hearts from people tuning in, as well as comments, just like Facebook. You did know that Facebook acquired Instagram, right?

Why should you use it? More of that FOMO action. Your audience can only tune in as long as it’s live. Instagram will notify some of your followers that you are live and tell them to check out what you have to say! Once your live video is over, though, they’ve missed it! I just went live this week, and it was a lot of fun. I challenge you to try it.

How could you use it? To make a major announcement. You could also share a personal story or an event you are attending to share your perspective. You could also announce giveaways, and pick winners who are live with you. For example, you could share in stories, that you’ll go live at a certain time to pick a winner of a prize, and the 14th person that comes on live will be chosen! How fun would that be?


What is it? Swipe left! When you see greyed out dots beneath an image on Instagram, there are more photos to see if you swipe left! You can upload 10 images, filter each one differently, and even tag each image with a different user! You can tell that an image has multiple photos because there will be a transparent box icon in the upper right hand corner of the image.

Why should you use it? You can get more bang for your buck this way and show more on a particular “subject” than you could with just a single image.

How could you use it? I just used this yesterday! I shared a Mother’s Day gift guide and chose four different images and put the description for all of them in the caption. This way, I am not overwhelming my feed with multiple pictures of the same topic. I even had a cover photo, so it felt a little like a quick magazine guide. Who doesn’t love that?!

Bonus tip! I posted these same images on Facebook, and included the specific product descriptions on the images themselves, another way to make it look like a mini-magazine!

You could also use it as a food blogger and put your recipe in the caption, and include step by step images to go along with it. Crafters use this feature really well by posting a ‘cover image’ of their finished product, and then images of the reviews on that product, or showcase different fabric, color, palette options, etc. This shows their audience that they can customize what they want, and they don’t have to go to another site to see what is offered! Another great idea would be to do a favorite things post, and tag each image with the person you’re featuring. Talk about building community!


What is it? Instagram pods came about after Instagram updated their feed in March 2016 from chronological to algorithm driven “best posts first.” This was when everyone was asking their followers to ‘turn on notifications’, remember? Groups of like minded people and aesthetics started using Instagram’s direct messaging (DM) feature to connect and update one another when they posted. Once notified, the pod would comment and interact with your post. In theory, this would show Instagram’s algorithm that your post is engaging, and put you farther up in your followers feed. Make sense?

Why should you use it? I am a part of two because sometimes you just need support, not in the ‘engage with my image’ way, but more in the ‘check out this image, is it grammable?’ Or if I have a question about my niche at all, my pods have become a great place to get feedback, collaborate, and share wins (not to mention some frustrations)!

How should you use it? I recommend heading over to the The Rising Women Network Facebook Group, and find some people with your aesthetic, or niche. You won’t know unless you engage, and reach out to people! Check them out on Instagram and see if their feed is something you genuinely like. Create a group and you’re off! You could also collaborate on giveaways, blog posts, products, you name it.

For more tips on how to take great photos for your Instagram feed, check out this post!


There are so many ways to use Instagram than just posting an image, and we only covered four! In what other ways are YOU using Instagram to level up it’s effectiveness? Share in the comments!