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When your logo design is processed by the viewer, a million subconscious thoughts rush through the mind, these thoughts can connect positively or negatively

Logo Design Basics for Startups

When someone thinks of your brand they’re seeing the lifestyle you represent. Often the success of a brand is not due to the products it sells, but the emotional connection the audience creates with the brand message. Whether your brand represents power, luxury, or playfulness your logo can act as a great marketing tool to […]

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When you’re starting out, remember to start small and try to think of your side hustle as an experiment. After all, not every side hustle will be a winner.

The Secrets To A Susccessful Side Hustle

The term side hustle comes across as a hobby, or half-serious pet project, or even wasteful distraction, but in the entrepreneurial world, such a thing often evolves into something career changing—heck, even world-changing. For example, some of the products I, and probably you, use day in and day out were started as side hustles. Here […]

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