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Winners of a Woman of Achievement Award embody our mission by giving generously of themselves to make Their community a better place to live.


Rising Women Network is dedicated to promoting economic freedom through entrepreneurship, empowering women, helping families, and strengthening communities.


Why Honor Women?

Women have immensely contributed to our society. Most evident by the women we honor each year. These women are executives, change makers and public officials who greatly improve their communities, and ours. We honor the whole woman and their amazing contributions to the Treasure Coast. 


Join us!

The Women of Achievement Awards is an annual luncheon that honors five Treasure Coast women who have demonstrated qualities of leadership and excellence in their professional and personal endeavors as well as their contributions to the larger community.

New this year, Rising Women Network will also be honoring Young People of Achievement.  This award recognizes Treasure Coast youth who have overcome significant obstacles in their lives while embodying the mission of Rising Women Network: promote economic freedom and empower women.

In conjunction with the Women of Achievement Awards ceremony, Rising Women Network holds an Auction to raise support for its programs that work to empower women and promote economic freedom through entrepreneurship. The annual awards ceremony and auction is held at the Port Saint Lucie Community Center. The silent auction before the Women of Achievement Awards program is a fun event with great prizes. All proceeds from the auction go to benefit the programs of Rising Women Network.



Winners of a RWN Woman of Achievement Award embody the mission of Rising Women network by giving generously of themselves to make The Treasure Coast a better place for all citizens to live. They must also demonstrate leadership through their professional work or service to the community in one or more of the following categories:

  • Business & Industry – Accomplishment’s go beyond a single organization and contribute favorably to an industry or profession.
  • Health & Wellness – a woman who has exemplified commitment to promoting health & wellness.
  • Community Enhancement – a woman currently working at the forefront of social change.
  • Education – a woman who has illustrate commitment to promoting education.
  • Emerging Leader – a woman of the rising generation who will lead our community forward.

The luncheon is designed to express gratitude for our local winners, provide inspiration to the attendees, and raise awareness of economic freedom in our community.

All proceeds raised by this important event directly benefit RWN’s services for economic freedom through entrepreneurship and women empowerment.





Please join me at From Dream To Destiny Vision Board Workshop, where you will use words and images to tap into your heart's truest desires.

From Dream to Destiny Vision Board Workshop


Please join me at From Dream To Destiny Vision Board Workshop, where you will use words and images to tap into your heart’s truest desires. Vision boarding is an inspiring process that helps you envision your dreams, manifesting things such as: Health, Money, Love, and perhaps, your true Purpose in life. In order to create the changes you’d like to see in your life, it’s nice to dream and fantasize about your goals, and even better to MANIFEST, BELIEVE and FOLLOW THROUGH with what your heart truly desires. You’ll also delve into how you can take ACTION to make your sweetest dreams come true.



You’ve always wanted to create a vision board, but didn’t know how (or maybe felt a little silly doing it).

You had started creating a vision board, at one point, but never finished, because you just never had enough time, the right materials, the motivation or [fill in the blank]. And now the guilt is settling in, because it’s half-done and now, you just feel like a total loser. (Well, you’re not a loser, I promise).

You’ve never been able to create a vision board ‘worth’ hanging up, because it was simply too horrid to look at (because you could only find the cheapest, floppiest poster board at the corner drugstore, AND only the loudest color was available – like, hot-lemon-garage-sale-sign loud).

I feel your pain.




With a little creative love and soulful coaching, I’d love to create a space to help you create your very own unique vision board, filled with words and images that speak to your soul.

No more questioning your heart’s truest desires. Let’s get clear on what you really want out of life.

Unmotivated? Uninspired? Creative blocks? Let’s kick those to the curb with creative journaling and inspiring stories from manifesting mavens.

Magic Genie in a lamp? I’ll have to admit, I love unicorns, rainbows, and clouds with silver linings, but I never received all of the blessings I’ve had in my life without a little bit of work, love, and trust on my end. That said, let’s take our wildest dreams and desires and make them as tangible as possible, by aligning our day-to-day activities with our heart’s truest calling.

No more stuffing your vision board in the closet to save for a rainy day.  I will show you my techniques for making an artful, pleasing-to-the-eye vision board that you’ll be proud to hang on the wall.

Space is very limited, Register Today!





We Rise Empowerment Brunch

Rising Women Network Launches We Rise Empowerment Brunch for Female Corporate Influencers and Entrepreneurs

Martine Alphonse and Rising Women Network are less than a week away from launching We Rise Empowerment Brunch, an upscale and exclusive experience that is designed to engage, educate, encourage, and empower women who are interested in building their empire as a part of the entrepreneurial community. The venue is the Sons of Italy located at 765 SW Dalton Circle, Port Saint Lucie, FL has been panned as the host venue for this remarkable event being held December 10, 2016.



This one day experience will feature panel discussion by a mix of corporate moguls and entrepreneurial moguls, Mogul Marketplace and a number of speakers and presentations. Attendees will be able to learn and network with key speakers in a more intimate setting, as well other influential entrepreneurs and other attendees.

We Rise Empowerment Brunch speaker include Martine Alphonse, CEO of Rising Women Network and Founder of We Rise Empowerment Brunch, Editor in Chief of Beautiful Life Magazine and creative director of Alphonse Unlimited – Maiga “Mya” Auguste, founder of GEMs ( Going the Extra Mile) of the Treasure Coast and Director of Communications of Treasure Coast Haitian Community Center – Plythe Freedman, CEO of Treasures of Fort Pierce, LLC and she serve on the CRA Advisory Committee as the chair – Sharon Madison, founder of Tender Hearts Compassion Care, Owner of Beautiful Beginnings Women’s Apparel and Madison’s Divine Cakery, plus many more.

Master Business Coach Martine Alphonse also known as the Founder of Alphonse Unlimited, Beautiful Life Magazine and Rising women Network centered around economic empowerment for female entrepreneurs. Alphonse has over 12 years of experience in coaching entrepreneurs on professional branding, building strategic partnerships and discovering how to use their power of influence to attract clients, increase their cash flow and expand their business.

We Rise Empowerment Brunch has partnered with GEMs (Going the Extra Mile) of the Treasure Coast, Beautiful Life Magazine, Alphonse Unlimited, Divaeye Studio and Plus Size Boutique, Haiti Children of Hope and Beautiful Brides Magazine to make this a memorable event.

Rising Women Network was founded after Martine Alphonse left her corporate job and opened her own retail store. After establishing a successful business in a male dominated industry, she saw the need for a network and marketplace where women of color could support and celebrate each other and find resources for business education and growth opportunities. Her mission to inspire and mentor those that are seeking their purpose and create platforms for established entrepreneurs to share their success stories and resources has sparked a community that has grown exponentially online and across the country.

For more information about We Rise Empowerment Brunch and/or to purchase tickets for this event, HERE.


Here are five of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs can make from folks who have "been there"

5 Biggest Mistakes New Entrepreneurs Make

Building a new company from the ground up is no easy task. And according to history, the odds are stacked against you.
Research from the National Venture Capital Association estimates that 25 to 30 percent of venture-backed businesses fail. When you dip a little deeper in to the existing research, you’ll find even more alarming stats. Harvard Business School senior lecturer Sikhar Ghosh revealed in the Wall Street Journal recently that 75 percent of venture-backed companies never return cash to their investors, and 30 to 40 percent of those same venture-backed companies end up liquidating their assets and losing all of their money. To avoid being a statistic, new entrepreneurs must sidestep a variety of fatal mistakes and keep their priorities in order on every front.

Here are five of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs can make from folks who have "been there"
So when it comes to achieving startup success, who better to heed advice from than successful entrepreneurs? Here are five of the biggest mistakes new entrepreneurs can make from folks who have “been there”:

#1 – Not Preparing for a Change in Lifestyle

Dan Wesley, founder and president of CreditLoan, took a drastic approach to starting a business: “If you quit your current job to start a business, you probably won’t be able to sustain your current lifestyle. Startups require tremendous personal sacrifice – not only in terms of the pay cut, but also with regards to time and mental energy. If you’re unprepared for the dramatic lifestyle shift, both you and your business will burn out quickly.”

The “all in” philosophy Wesley endorses means he takes on longer hours, less pay and a gigantic workload. This approach has paid off for him, as his business flourishes. Wesley is also aware of the financial mistakes startups make and has steered his company away from these strategic slip-ups.


#2 – Not Being Realistic About Costs

Richard Branson, founder of Virgin Group: “Don’t shortchange your startup when estimating the funds you will require – you’ll just diminish your chances of success. Keeping your expenses under control is vital, but don’t confuse capitalization with costs. The playing field is littered with undercapitalized startups that were doomed from the outset.”

As one of the most high-reaching entrepreneurs in recent history – his newest venture Virgin Galactic plans to send tourists into space – Branson understands the hard work of building a company and how to avoid common startup mistakes. As for the roller coaster of starting a new business, Branson says, “It’s all part of the adventure of entrepreneurship, which will require all of your stamina, drive and determination.”


#3 – Hiring Friends or Family

Brad Sugars, founder and chairman of ActionCOACH: “This means friends, former co-workers, family members or your own children. For a husband, this means hiring your wife. For a wife, this means hiring your husband. Even part-time. There needs to be a certain sense of objectivity and accountability in the workplace. Friends and family expect to be treated to a different standard – and they should. Away from your business, but never in it.”

A competent and hardworking staff is the fuel for continued growth and success of a startup. No matter how brilliant the idea or the funding behind it, if your office is full of friends, family or someone you “helped out,” the business will suffer. Sugars recommends this approach: “Hiring is all about finding the right skills, personalities and attitudes to fit your overall vision and mission for your company.”

#4 – Getting Ahead of Yourself

Glen Hellman, angel investor, business coach, and blogger: “Putting the cart before the horse (is one of the biggest mistakes startup founders make.) The ones that drive me crazy … are the ones who promote before they build. They promote in their own sandbox, not where there’s customers. If they don’t have product, or it doesn’t work, or doesn’t get traction, it’s obvious. If they had toiled away quietly, it wouldn’t matter – they could continue to toil in the background. Instead of spending time getting the spotlight put on them, they should have been getting ready for prime time.”

It is perfectly natural for an entrepreneur to be excited and want to hastily release their product to the world, but timing is everything. A calculated approach with goals and milestones will keep your growth at a stable pace and you’ll be prepared when the curtain goes up.


#5 – Losing Focus Down the Stretch

Matt Salzberg, founder and CEO of Blue Apron: “Founders of a young company will come up with hundreds of new ideas every day (I know my co-founders and I do). While most of these ideas are sure to be good ones, we’ve learned that we need to be thoughtful and selective about which to move forward with in order not to overwhelm ourselves and our employees. We all have limited time and resources, which is why we need to focus and prioritize.”

Every founder or group of founders has had at least one great idea – which is why the startup exists. But once this idea has blossomed into a business it may be hard to prioritize the thoughts and suggestions that follow. Out of the hundreds of ideas you have, focus on the two or three that will move your product forward.

All in all, starting your own company is an ambitious undertaking, and it would appear that you a difficult road to long-term success. However, you’ve already got your great idea. With a little sacrifice, a realistic outlook on costs, an objective approach to hiring, a good plan with the right perspective on progress and unwavering focus, you should be well on your way to transcending the statistics and building your company into the one that is firmly in your vision.


Here are 12 ways that you can get those creative juices flowing again and, hopefully, get your project or task finished. We creativity!

12 Ways To Have More Creativity

You’ve got a great idea. But somewhere along the way, your brain just fizzles. You’ve got no energy left to finish what you started.

It’s happened to us all. You need to stay creative, but it’s just not happening. The inspiration that got you started is gone.

Well, below are ways that you can get those creative juices flowing again and, hopefully, get your project or task finished.

Here are 12 ways that you can get those creative juices flowing again and, hopefully, get your project or task finished. We creativity!


Work Backwards

Set a long term goal first, then create a plan for how to achieve it. When it comes to solving problems, and keeping your creative spark bright, working backwards can provide a more unique and often smarter solution. As Jones says:

“Don’t worry about the ‘how’. Focus on the ‘what’. Your road map will literally unfold itself.”


Keep Notes on Everything

Writing down everything, no matter how small or insignificant, might save you one day. Jones suggests using a white board or idea board to keep your ideas prominent, and constantly writing and rewriting words and phrases. Snap a picture before you erase your ideas, and keep them in a special folder that you can easily navigate later.


Take Occasional Mental Breaks

Working yourself ragged isn’t good for your health or creativity. Boost your entrepreneurial creativity by taking a few minutes every hour or so to relax and listen to a song or read an article. It might be just what you need to push yourself over that last mental hump. It’s important to know when to keep working and when to take an extra five minutes for making the next pot of coffee.

Ignite Your Creativity-CTA

Meet with Groups with Creativity

Surrounding yourself with other creative thinkers is a great way to get your brain in the fast lane. Medical Daily’s Sabrina Bachai writes:

“By surrounding yourself with other creative people, whether they excel in writing, music, or other art forms, it can help to propel your own creativity.”


Get Up and Do It

Sometimes the best way to boost your creativity is to just go ahead and plunge into a creative endeavor — if only to see what happens. Don’t let fear become a paralysis.  You can worry forever if you or your ideas are good enough. At times like these, Bachai writes:

“Instead of sitting and wondering how you can make yourself creative, just go ahead and do it.”


Set Goals: Lots of Them

Writing at Create Hype, Lisa Jacobs suggests:

“If you don’t know exactly what you want from your business, take time to figure it out.”

Create a list of goals, both short and long term, and keep them on display somewhere you can see them and work towards them every day.


Take Constructive Criticism

Ask someone who doesn’t work for you for tips and advice in order to get the most honest answers. And be sure to take them into consideration the next time you sit down for a brain storming session. Being able to take feedback from someone who isn’t trying to fluff up your ego is important. Use that feedback to better yourself and your business. It’s an important step to boosting your entrepreneurial creativity.


Take a Bird’s Eye View

Take a few steps back and try to see things from a different viewpoint. Being able to separate yourself from the stress of troubling situations means being able to reach smarter and more creative solutions. As Jacobs writes:

“Businesses casually deal with the ebb and flow of the market every day — now you’re one of them.”


Never Stop

Being relentless in reaching and achieving your goals means you’ll be more willing to try new and innovative approaches. Never stop coming up with new ideas, even when inspiration seems to elude you. Give yourself a good shake and see what comes loose.


Break Down Your Problems

Take a problem or situation and break it down into smaller, more manageable pieces, write Drew Boyd and Jacob Goldenberg in Bloomberg Business’s The Management Blog. Then, down the line, you can manipulate and tinker with these pieces to come up with new solutions and concepts.


Keep a Journal

Having all your ideas in one place, like a journal or folder, is a great way to get everything into one ‘pot’ to start simmering, writes Kathleen Shannon of Braid Creative and Consulting. Keeping your ideas organized in a journal, something you always have with you or have access to, makes it easier to jot down quick thoughts or add to one from last month.


Don’t Forget to Analyze

Coming back to your ideas later and researching them to make them more complete is a great way to make your solutions more solid and boost your entrepreneurial creativity. This often provides more creative solutions. Not all of your ideas are going to be wonderful. It’s important to go through and weed out the bad ones to give the good ideas room to grow.

These tips will hopefully get that creative block you’re facing unstuck. And, of course these are only a few. What tips do you have for helping to rejuvenate that creative spirit?



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Instagram Stories is an easy way for you to engage with your audience more, show new products, answer questions, and market your business with little effort.

Should You Use Instagram Stories for Your Business?

Instagram Stories are here, and they’re already huge. Almost identical to Snapchat stories, Instagram users can now share a series of photos or videos with their followers that will disappear after 24 hours. The change has left many brands, influencers, and content creators confused: should you use Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or both?

Instagram Stories is an easy way for you to engage with your audience more, show new products, answer questions, and market your business with little effort.

Between Instagram engagement decreasing by 33% and the roll-out of the new Instagram algorithm feed, marketers and users alike started to look towards the next big thing: Snapchat. Scared that Instagram would go the way of Facebook’s pay-to-play system, everyone got to work on growing their Snapchat audience. Brands scrambled to figure out what they would use this new channel for, and suddenly “behind-the-scenes” content and puppy filters became incredibly important for your social media strategy. We were all convinced that in order to be relevant you had to be active on Snapchat, and then Instagram Stories happened.

One of the biggest challenges about using Snapchat for business is discovery; it’s incredibly hard to find people to follow, and you can’t casually browse content like you can on Instagram. The only way to view a Snapchat story is to commit to adding the user to your friends list, and adding them is not exactly easy. You have to know their username, which for some reason is usually different than the rest of their social media handles, and there’s no “search” functionality in Snapchat. Basically, you have to work to add someone on Snapchat.


Instagram Cheetsheet


Brands, influencers, and content creators have spent years building up their Instagram following, and everyone has found it difficult to now move those hard-earned followers over to Snapchat. This is why you have seen so many people adding their Snapchat name to their Instagram bio, teasing Snapchat content on Instagram, or just posting their Snapchat ghost. (Who could forget those two weeks when you couldn’t open social media without seeing an obnoxious yellow QR code everywhere?).


The Incredible Reach of Instagram Stories

The biggest advantage that Instagram Stories has over Snapchat is that you don’t need to build a new audience. With the touch of a button, you’re able to share Snapchat-like content with all of your followers, and considering Instagram has over 500 million active monthly users, you’ll automatically have way more reach using Instagram Stories over Snapchat. “If you’re a business, if you’re a celebrity, if you’re an interest-based account, you can have a giant audience,” says Instagram CEO Kevin Systrom. “It’s going to feel very different.”

Learn more: How to Use Instagram Stories for Business

Instagram Stories was just launched this week, and we don’t know if it will become a success. In order for Instagram Stories to work for businesses, Instagram Stories need to work for their individual users. People need to love posting stories to Instagram, and love it so much they want to watch other people’s stories, including brand stories.


But It’s Still Not Snapchat

Putting Snapchat inside of Instagram doesn’t change the fact that it’s still Instagram, and the people you follow and interact with on Instagram are most likely different than the people you interact with on Snapchat.

Instagram has become the highlight reel of our lives, featuring the perfectly curated moments we want to remember forever on our feed. Snapchat has found success by being the exact opposite of that — remember how it started as just a “sexting” app? Since the beginning, Snapchat has created an ephemeral environment where users didn’t obsess about what they were sharing, and Snapchat made sharing “real life” moments fun. Think about the content that’s popular on Snapchat: selfie filters, face swaps, and decorating mundane moments with cute stickers. Totally different from the beautifully edited and over-filtered world of Instagram, where posting too often is a faux pas and teens delete Instagram posts if they don’t get enough likes.

Plus…your mom’s on Instagram. 73% of Snapchat users are millennials, and just like how Instagram became cool as a way to avoid the moms of Facebook, Snapchat is a place for teens and young adults to just be themselves, without parental supervision. Snapchat is also a place where people are less concerned about what their posting, unlike the public world of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Snapchat personality Jay Melilli posted a story saying that “Instagram is still too public for my taste,” and explained that he felt more comfortable sharing his day-to-day life on Snapchat over Instagram, and he’s not alone.

I have a hard time imagining teens and millennials actively sharing content on Instagram like they would on Snapchat, because moms aren’t able to creep you on Snapchat without adding you first. Instagram Stories are extremely public; you don’t need to be following someone to view their story, you can just tap the avatar on anyone’s Instagram profile to see what they’re up to. Over 100 million people use Snapchat every week(more than Twitter), so while Instagram Stories will probably take a bit out of Snapchat, it’s not going to go anywhere.

But that doesn’t mean that Instagram Stories won’t work for your business, because adults are going to love it. Anyone who has heard about Snapchat but hasn’t tried it yet, or tried it but couldn’t understand how it works, will be excited to start “snapchatting” on Instagram. If the target market for your business is anyone not in their teens and twenties, Instagram Stories could be huge for you. It’s an easy way for you to engage with your audience more, show new products, answer questions, and market your business with little effort. You don’t need to invest in the painstaking task of trying to turn Instagram followers into Snapchat friends, and you don’t have to create ongoing content for Snapchat just for the sake of having Snapchat content. Instead, you can use your time to invest in growing your overall Instagram audience, and just hang out with them on Instagram whenever you feel like it. Because, let’s face it: using Snapchat for business is HARD.

That being said, if you’re a business that has already found success on Snapchat, or is at least starting to, don’t give up now. Having an engaged community is more valuable than video views, and your Instagram followers didn’t opt-in to follow your story like your Snapchat followers did. The truth is, the people who follow you on Instagram just might not be interested in your Snapchat-like content. They signed up to follow you for your photos, brand, or style; not your on-camera personality.


It’s All About Your Community

When Instagram Stories came out, photographer and social media influencer Jeff Mindell  posted a series of videos on both his Instagram and Snapchat story about the topic. Like many content creators, he was confused about where he should invest his time and effort. In the end, he decided that Snapchat wasn’t going anywhere, despite the fact that he got more views with his Instagram stories.

“For me, it’s not really about the numbers. It’s 100% about the community,” Jeff explained. “If I really think about it, I did not make the conscious decision to follow 300 people on their version of Instagram. It feels like all of a sudden that decision was made for me,” he said. “I’m not saying I won’t be using the new Instagram Stories, I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t cool, but it’s not where my most dedicated audience is.”

So, what does this all mean for you? Every business is different, and it really comes down to what’s best for you and your community. If you’re doing great on Snapchat, keep it up. If your audience is older, and you either haven’t tried Snapchat or just aren’t seeing success with it, maybe it’s time to double down and get serious about your Instagram strategy.

If there’s one thing we can learn from Vine, it’s that Instagram is not an idle threat. Instagram video is now second-nature to the app, but it was introduced as a way to compete with Vine’s video-sharing popularity. Instagram Stories has given new life to Instagram, and as much as I love Snapchat, I think it’s important to evaluate why you want to be on Snapchat before committing to the platform. If it’s just because you’re afraid of missing out on the next big thing, it might be time to think again.

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Introduction to Instagram for Business