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Winners of a Woman of Achievement Award embody our mission by giving generously of themselves to make Their community a better place to live.


Rising Women Network is dedicated to promoting economic freedom through entrepreneurship, empowering women, helping families, and strengthening communities.   Why Honor Women? Women have immensely contributed to our society. Most evident by the women we honor each year. These women are executives, change makers and public officials who greatly improve their communities, and ours. We honor […]

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We Rise Empowerment Brunch

Rising Women Network Launches We Rise Empowerment Brunch for Female Corporate Influencers and Entrepreneurs Martine Alphonse and Rising Women Network are less than a week away from launching We Rise Empowerment Brunch, an upscale and exclusive experience that is designed to engage, educate, encourage, and empower women who are interested in building their empire as […]

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Here are 12 ways that you can get those creative juices flowing again and, hopefully, get your project or task finished. We creativity!

12 Ways To Have More Creativity

You’ve got a great idea. But somewhere along the way, your brain just fizzles. You’ve got no energy left to finish what you started. It’s happened to us all. You need to stay creative, but it’s just not happening. The inspiration that got you started is gone. Well, below are ways that you can get those creative […]

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Instagram Stories is an easy way for you to engage with your audience more, show new products, answer questions, and market your business with little effort.

Should You Use Instagram Stories for Your Business?

Instagram Stories are here, and they’re already huge. Almost identical to Snapchat stories, Instagram users can now share a series of photos or videos with their followers that will disappear after 24 hours. The change has left many brands, influencers, and content creators confused: should you use Instagram Stories, Snapchat, or both? Between Instagram engagement decreasing by 33% and […]

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