13 Steps to Starting a PROFITABLE Youtube Channel

So often, the thing holding us back from our biggest goals is lack of clarity. We have a general sense of what we want to do (run a marathon, make a million dollars, quit our job, etc.) but we don’t know how to get from here to that distant destination.

If one of your goals is to start a profitable Youtube channel — whether because you have a passion you want to share with others, because you want to expand your reach, or simply because you want to make a living doing something that’s actually FUN — then today’s post is just for you.

Without going into all the nitty-gritty and elaborate strategy, I want to share with you a simple, totally do-able plan for finally getting your profitable Youtube channel off the ground so it can start GROWING! This is for you if you’re too busy and overwhelmed by other “more important” stuff, but you still really want to get in the game and start building your brand online.

Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Choose a topic for your channel that you’re really passionate about.
    You’re going to be talking about this topic a whole lot, so make sure it’s something you have a long-term interest in.
  2. Get clear about WHO your subscribers will be and WHAT value they’ll get from your videos.
    There’s plenty of competition out there, so if you want to motivate people to subscribe then YOU need to be clear about exactly why they would do so. Entertainment value? Help with __________? Fashion tips? Inspiration to be more ____________?
  3. Brainstorm 100 video ideas & select the top 10.
    Do you need 100 ideas right away? Nope. But coming up with a LOT of ideas will open your mind to allthe possibilities that are out there + allow you to choose the very best ones.
  4. Choose your equipment.
    This doesn’t need to be complicated. Your phone camera will probably work when you’re first starting out (otherwise I’d recommend one of the Canon Rebel series). The main thing is: LOTS of LIGHT. Sit in front of a window if you have that option, or get a ring light.
  5. Decide on a filming and upload schedule.
    It’s actually going to be way easier for YOU to be consistent and grow your channel if you create a strict filming & uploading schedule. I like to film every Monday (no excuses) and upload on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
  6. Create your Youtube account and channel.
    Youtube will guide you through this process. 🙂 Just click to login in the upper right corner, and the rest will be obvious.

  7. Design a banner & write your channel description.
    When people visit your channel, you want them to know that you’re serious about this Youtube thing! That will motivate them to subscribe and see what videos you make next.
  8. Film your first video.
    Yes, it will probably be awkward and maybe even really uncomfortable. But that’s where we all start! You just have to DO IT and get over this stage. 🙂
  9. Edit your first video.
    Don’t over-complicate this when you’re first starting out. All you need to do is cut out the mistakes and pauses (we all have them) to pick up the pace of the video.
  10. Design your first thumbnail.
    I like to use Canva (a free design software) to make mine!
  11. Upload your first video.
    You’re ready to GO. Upload that video to your shiny new account, add a clear title, a description, some tags, and your eye-catching thumbnail.
  12. Like, comment, share.
    Yes, like your own video 🙂 Somebody has to give it the first bit of love! Post a comment and ask people a question. Then, send it to your mom! Kidding, not kidding 😉
  13. Stay consistent to your schedule.
    The only way to see growth and success on Youtube is to keep sharing and keep improving! The more consistent you are, the faster your quality will improve, and the faster your audience will GROW.

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