15 Best Tools to Analyze Your Landing Pages

Are you looking for the best tools to analyze your landing pages to increase conversions?

Landing pages are a great way to boost newsletter signups and drive sales. But the hard part is creating a landing page that actually converts.

So, today, I’m going share with you to give you 15 Best Landing Page Creation Tools to Analyze Your Landing Pages

But first, let’s make sure we understand exactly what a landing page is and how they work.


What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is any page on your website where you drive traffic to reach a specific goal. That means even your homepage can technically be a landing page if you’re driving traffic to it with a specific purpose.

But, in many cases, your landing pages will be stand-alone web pages that you create specifically for marketing or sales purposes.

That means you’ll use some landing page best practices such as loading it with social proof, providing video demos of your product, and having a clear call to action.

If you want to learn more about how to create a stellar landing page, then we highly recommend that you check out this resource: Sales Funnel Starter Kit.

Otherwise, keep reading. Because we’re going to share with you the BEST landing page creation tools to analyze your landing pages.


Let’s dive in!


#1 – Google Analytics

Google Analytics is arguably the most robust free analytics tool available today. You can track demographic information about your landing page visitors as well as set up conversion goals to track your leads.


#2- MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights is the best WordPress analytics plugin on the market. You can sync this tool with analytics software like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and more.

Then, you can get all the data you need directly in your WordPress dashboard.

That means you can track your landing page’s success to see how it’s performing. From there, you’ll be able to use the data you have to optimize your landing pages and increase your conversions.

The more specific information you have about your site’s performance, the easier it is to improve your overall marketing strategy.

Or if you’re ready to get started, go try out MonsterInsights today!


#3- CrazyEgg

What if you knew why your site’s visitors were leaving your site? CrazyEgg is a really cool tool that helps you visualize where your visitors are spending their time and clicks by creating heatmaps of your website landing page.

This is a nifty tool for analyzing your optin landing pages, especially when combined with Google Analytics.


#4 – Optimizely

Optimizely is a powerful A/B testing, analytics, and optimization solution for digital marketers who want to streamline these duties. If you don’t have the ability to A/B test your landing pages elsewhere, you may want to check them out.


#5- Visual Website Optimizer

Visual Website Optimizer is a hands-on A/B testing tool that makes it easy to test, tweak, and optimize your landing pages without a ton of pre-existing know-how. In addition to the standard features, it has a multivariate testing tool that helps you see how visitors are interacting with your page.


#6- Usabilla

Usabilla lets you get user feedback from any device: something most landing page tools don’t offer. Another neat feature is the ability to do targeted exit surveys to help you understand why users leave without converting.


#7- HotJar Insights

In addition to heatmaps and visitor recordings, HotJar Insights shows conversion funnels. You can set up unlimited steps and find out where your process is breaking down and can be improved by identifying where visitors are leaving your site.

#8- Five Second Test

Did you know that most users form their opinions about your page within the first few seconds? Makes sense that your testing and optimization be based on the quick distribution of information, right?

Five Second Test empowers marketers to create simple, timed tests on their optin landing pages to figure out where those pages are falling short.


#9- MouseFlow

MouseFlow is a tool that helps you stop guessing why visitors leave your site. The tool records user sessions with heat maps, funnels, and a host of other analytics features.


#10- Matomo

Google Analytics is great, but sometimes you just want a different setup to do the job. Matomo is free, open-source software that gives you easy customization and in-depth visibility.


#11- Landing Page Analyzer

Landing Page Analyzer is a free tool from Visual Website Optimizer that lets you plug in your website landing page URL to get an immediate analysis of the effectiveness of your page. It’s not as robust as some tools, but it makes for a great bookmark for quick use at any time.



#12- UserTesting

If you have a complex website landing page, you’re going to want more than just short snippets of feedback. With UserTesting, test users can record audio of their experience with your landing page so you can hear their thoughts as they use it in real-time.


#13- Pingdom Website Speed Test

Does your site zip along or d.r.a.g. so slowly that your visitors don’t even get a chance to see your killer content before they bail? Page loading time is one of the biggest determining factors in bounce rate. You can use the Pingdom Website Speed Test to time your page accurately.


#14- SimilarWeb

Sometimes you can learn more by studying the competition than by analyzing yourself. If you want to see what your competition is doing with landing pages and how successful they are, use SimilarWeb to track them.


#15- Responsinator

Every optin landing page needs to be properly optimized for mobileResponsinator is a free tool that makes it easy to test your site’s responsiveness on different mobile devices.

Now you have 15 Best Landing Page Creation Tools to Analyze your landing pages so you can convert more of your visitors into subscribers, leads and sales.

And remember, once visitors have opted in, the trick is to nurture the relationship. Check out our sales funnel starter kit to help with this. And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Instagram for more in-depth guides.



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