4 Brand Strategies You Need to Know in 2016

Branding is just as crucial for small businesses as it is for the bigger ones. Majority of the small business owners have already realized the necessity of branding for their businesses but at the same time there is an alarmingly high number who don’t know what it is. Building a brand image is indeed an integral part of personal and business development. Brand building not only enhances the consumer awareness of the particular brand but it also blesses it with worth and identity. The introduction of interactive and participatory platforms has given chances to the brands to build customer awareness effortlessly.

brand strategies

If you’re someone who has been thinking of building a business or a personal brand, it is vital for you to realize that building your brand image requires a lot of resource and time. However, you need not fret as there are tips and ideas that can always help you out. The concerns of this article will tell you more about brand building and some winning strategies for 2016.

Brand Building – What is it actually?

There can’t be any specific definition that can capture the sense of building a brand in its entirety. Whatever it is, it is not only about exposing your brand and communicating. It is just one side of the coin. The best definition of brand building can be the entire process of developing value to consumers. This includes all things about how the consumers feel and experience about your business as a whole. Here are 3 popular kinds of brands:

  • Service brand: This type of brand is built on culture, knowledge and experience which a consumer shares with the agency that delivers the services. You can think of Molly Maid as an example.
  • Product brand: This is built purely on the experience which the consumer has with the product. Sony, Ford and Nike can be cited as examples.
  • Retail brand: This is built on a combination of products and service experience like KFC, Kroger and Chick-fil-a.

Secret to successfully implementing brand strategies for your business:

  1. Define your brand: Review the services and products which your business offer and highlight the niche in the market which your business occupies and make a comprehensive market research of the rational needs of your target customers. Make sure your brand character promotes your business, differentiates your position in the market and also helps you connect with your customers.
  2. Think of your brand as an identity: Each one of us is made up of values, beliefs and purposes which define who we are. It is our personality which determines the way in which we behave in various circumstances. For people, it’s intuitive but when you’re building a brand, you should understand what constitutes your brand.
  3. Know what drives your business: What does your business believe in? What is the purpose of your business? Who are the brand heroes? All these considerations can determine yourbrand positioning and tell you about the character and identity of your brand communications.
  4. Embrace content marketing: Content marketing includes offering a stream of knowledge and information to your potential influencers and clients. Think more about education than about promotion as this can address the reputation, relevance and visibility. Content marketing totally relies on winning clients by sharing something valuable. It is indeed a great strategy to build a brand.

Therefore, if you’re concerned about building your brand identity, take into account the winning brand building strategies mentioned above. You may even seek help of a professional if you need to know more on such techniques.


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