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This all-day conference will be packed with industry leaders and influencers. Join us to learn about launching, operating and growing a successful business.


SEPTEMBER 27, 2018


Starting 9:30 am


Keynotes, Panels, Workshops, Networking!

 Rising Women Conference is the brainchild of Rising Women Network’s founder, Martine Alphonse a heart-centered serial entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker that has touched the lives of hundreds her career. With a no-nonsense business acumen and unparalleled creative ingenuity, Martine has created top-rated business tools for business owners. Her style of business coaching touches every aspect of your business…empowering you to burn down barriers with an ignited force of confidence.

More than ever before, women leaders and entrepreneurs are emerging from the paralyzing economic grip to become influential business leaders. If you are ready to stand up, stand out and create your own success story, then—You need to be there!

It’s your time to make it happen at the Rising Women Conference. This full-day conference event in Orlando, Florida will awaken your spirit and empower you to jump-start your success like nothing before… guaranteed. With every workshop session you’ll feel your head flooding with new exciting ideas that come so fast that you’ll find yourself feverishly trying to capture every thought on paper.  It’s like unleashing the floodgates of creative passion! Feel the exhilarating rush of hope rip through your veins, making you want to throw your pen to high heaven and just shout!  It’s hard to contain the feeling that comes over you when you know that it’s really your time and FINALLY you’re going to make it big in business and life!

You know you’ve been craving more – more connections, more community and more conversation from a powerful group of women who will help you elevate your game and get your entire business together. This is one kick-ass women’s conference you don’t want to miss. And although you may want to keep all this goodness to yourself, don’t. Share with your friends and colleagues. See you September 29th!





9:30am to 6pm


Do you need to make more money? Do you need proven systems to run your business? Do you need next-level marketing strategies to increase your bottom line? Do you need contact with like-minded, success-oriented entrepreneurs like you? Do you know you’re destined for success, but can’t quite get there on your own?


This Conference Is For You!


If you feel stuck, and you want to talk to someone about how you get from where you are to where you want to be… If you don’t have enough clients, but you know you were created to make a huge impact… If you’re confused and you don’t know what to do next, but you’re ready to make a real, lasting change…



You’ll spend three exciting days of information, inspiration, implementation and candid conversation with Martine Alphonse and other successful entrepreneurs!

Here’s just a snippet of what you’ll learn:

  • How to effectively market your business.
  • How to save time and money and do more with less.
  • How to maximize social media to increase your business.
  • How to finally start making the money you desire to make – doing what you love to do!

You’ll be transformed and shown how to enjoy your business and your life. With tons of real-life case studies and examples of life and business strategies to catapult you into your NEW standard of living… PLUS you’ll hear from top successful entrepreneurs who have beat all the odds to make a BIG SPLASH in the world.

If you want to enjoy an extraordinary life, fueled by income streams that you create, you have to be BOLD enough to jump out of your comfort zone, shake the defensive excuses as to why you can’t go after your dream… and jump heart-first into becoming an extraordinary entrepreneur.


Learn from top industry leaders


Martine Alphonse

Business Coach Motivational Speaker & Entrepreneur

Martine motivates entrepreneurs to dream big through her online platforms and in person workshops. Her wisdom transcends industries, empowering business owners with a online courses, that gives easy-to-implement strategies to enhance their brand’s online influence. Alphonse is a brilliant tastemaker and businesswoman who continues to inspire and influence her generation and beyond.

Adam Cheise

Head of Platform

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Lary Flint

Graphic Designer

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Melisa Pomero


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Most frequent questions and answers

The Rising Women Conference & Expo is an all-day business event tailored to both established business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.

We plan to sell between 80-100 tickets, so bring enough so you don’t run out!

Dressy casual, fashion forward, whatever you want to call it. Whatever makes you comfortable is your definition of you looking good, then wear that because the cameras and video will be rolling. Just keep in mind it will be a long day, so comfort is important also.

It’s recommended since there’s so much knowledge to soak up, shopping and mingling to do. But it’s not mandatory.

If you’re interested in becoming a speaker or would like to recommend someone, please submit a photo, bio, and press kit (if available) to info@risingwomennetwork.com. Due to the volume of submissions, only selected speakers will be contacted.


8:30am to 9:20am – Registration

Guests check-in and enjoy continental breakfast including vegan treats.

9:20am to 9:30am – Introductions

Martine Alphonse intro; Hostess and Moderator Intro

9:30am to 9:40am – Brooklyn Public Library speech

Partner venue delivers brief speech

9:40am to 10:20am – Open Keynote Lauren Maillian – The Path Redefined: How To Get To The Top On Your Own Terms

Despite every accomplishment comes the desire for more success. Especially now, women want to get to the top on their own terms and have a fulfilled life.  How did you activate your dreams and make the time to get it all done and to discover every part of who you feel compelled to be and become?  It starts with creating the road map of an unapologetically ambitious woman who knows the sky is the limit

10:20am to 10:30am – 10-min break

Guests mingle and shop from the Made by Hand Markets Pop-Up Shop

10:30am to 10:35am – Presenting Sponsor: Rebekah Rich Beauty

Presenting sponsor delivers 5-minute speech

10:35am to 11:20am – Panelists: Personal Development and Self-Care Skills to Boss Up

As entrepreneurs we wear many hats. Some days it feels like we’re going and going and don’t get a chance to rest. When you stop, the dollars stop, isn’t that how you feel? Success also includes getting rest and treating your body right. Even if it’s 15 minutes a day, you need to learn when to stop and relax. Treating your mind right is just as equally important and you’ll never experience success if it isn’t. What you tell yourself is what you believe. Learn from self-care and self-development experts all about treating you and your mind right so that you can gain the confidence to be the true lady boss you envisioned.

11:20am to 11:35am – 15-min break

Guests mingle and shop from the Made by Hand Markets Pop-Up Shop

11:35am to 12:20pm – Panel: Branding Your Way to Sales, Success and Standing Out from The Rest

There are 1,000’s of businesses offering the same thing you do, so what’s so special about your brand? Why should someone give a sh*t about you, let alone shop from you and give you repeat business? What is your message? How do you want people to ‘see’ you? What do you want to be known for and what do you want people saying about your brand when you leave the room? This is where stellar branding strategies come into play to help you stand out and set yourself apart. Our expert panelists will discuss the ways in which you can create a unique, memorable and enjoyable experience to generate and capture leads and gain repeat business – all while standing out from ‘the rest’.

12:20pm to 1:05pm – 45-minute Lunch

1:05pm to 1:10pm – Presenting Sponsor: Laika Estime Photographie

Presenting sponsor delivers 5-minute speech 

1:10pm to 1:50pm – Interactive Workshop, Sharon Beason: Using Authenticity to Build a Loyal and Engaging Instagram Community That Converts

If you’ve been following Womeneur on Instagram since day one, then you’ve had a chance to witness the growth of an engaging and loyal Instagram community of 98.9K (as of mid-March). Sharon gets asked repeatedly what she did to grow such an engaging following and community. Not only is the Womeneur community engaging and loyal, but she also generates a good percentage of  income from her tribe. So how did she do it? You’ll find that out and more about how she uses her authenticity, real & rawness and all the other tips, tricks and strategies  to gain the trust and loyalty of 100s of women like yourself to buy from her repeatedly, including her merchandise, strategy sessions, attending her workshops and events and joining her WomeneurCollective membership.

1:50pm to 2pm – 10-min break

Guests mingle and shop from the Made by Hand Markets Pop-Up Shop

2pm to 2:40pm – Panel: Digital Marketing Strategies to Generate Leads and Increase

Why should customers shop with you and give you money? Without a solid marketing plan or strategies, you can trust and believe, they won’t. Your marketing strategies are the backbone to what helps you succeed in business. Whether it’s email marketing and building customer relations, creating money-flowing sales funnels, creating content that converts or creating products and services your audience wants, you’ve gotta get it right in order to get paid. Learn from our experts exactly how to do this.

2:40pm to 2:45pm – 5-min break

Guest mingle and stretch

2:45pm to 3:25pm – Panel: Using Thought Leadership, Growth Hacking & Innovation to Grow and Scale Your Business

Do you know or even have what it takes to stand out and become an authority and known expert in your industry? Growth hacking who/what? You may have heard this terminology, but our experts will explain it to you in laymen’s term so that you will gain understanding in how to use it in your business.  Understanding how to use technology to help you grow and scale your business is key and staying on top of trends and knowing your market will allow you to carve out and better serve your niche. Learn all this and more to help your business evolve.

3:25pm to 3:45pm – 20-min break

Guests mingle and shop from the Made by Hand Markets Pop-Up Shop

3:45pm to 4:25pm – Interactive Workshop, Candice N. Mackel – Publicity for Your Biz on  Budget

During this workshop, attendees will learn FREE and creative ways to get Publicity for their brand or business. Many times as growing entrepreneurs, we are constantly re-investing in our business and are on a set budget when it comes to Publicity. As you will be going the “DIY” route for Publicity, in the interim of building a budget you will need to know how to find the media, how to cultivate relationships with journalists, learning how to search the internet with new energy and creating press opportunities on your own! We will discuss all of the mentioned & more. In addition, the attendees will leave with a template for a Mini PR Plan (2 Pages) and there will actually be an exercise where 2-3 sections will be filled out during the workshop. Depending upon the time, 2 will be asked to share their business and the 2-3 sections they have filled out.

4:25pm to 4:35pm – Closing announcements

Sharon thanks guests and moderators

4:35pm to 6pm  – Networking

Networking Hostess Portia Williams hosts a mini-networking session; guests mingle and connect while enjoying wine and sweet treats

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