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Welcome to Instagram Success Bootcamp!

Thank you so much for joining this course, I’m so excited to have you here! Just by signing up you’ve shown that you’re serious about growing your Instagram account, and I think that’s awesome!

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Here’s an overview of what you’ll learn:

  • How to build a solid foundation so you can see success long-term

  • How to strategically create and deliver content that will attract high-quality followers

  • My strategic framework that works for every business, regardless of your niche or industry

  • How to promote your products & services without being sales-y

  • Why pretty pictures won’t make you money {& what will!}, and

  • How to effortlessly set yourself up as the authority figure in your niche

Are you ready?


Today’s Homework
Join the our Facebook Group. Each lesson will have it’s own thread where we can further discuss what was taught. It’s one thing for me to teach you something, but to also discuss it with your peers opens so many more doors, so definitely don’t miss out on this valuable resource!


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Lesson 1- Foundation


Today’s lesson is all about building a strong foundation for your Instagram account. I seriously cannot stress enough how important this is.


Imagine constructing a building on quicksand. It’s not likely to stand up for very long right? Same goes for your Instagram account if you shuffle past all the foundational stuff and go straight into trying to sell your product or service.

So, if you absorb just one lesson from this entire course, PLEASE let it be this one! There are a lot of ways to make quick money {and I could teach you a few of them} but you mean too much to me to play you like that! Instead I’m going to teach you how to build a strong foundation that will support your success LONG-TERM {you can thank me later! ;)}


Time to stop chatting and get to work! Today’s lesson is delivered via video. Click the image or the link below to watch it now!


There is also a complimentary workbook you can download and fill out to make the most of this lesson.


Topics covered in Lesson 1:

  • Why Instagram?

  • Is my audience on Instagram & can I actually sell to them?

  • Choose your objective

  • Setting up your profile {i.e. your first impression}

Watch the Lesson 1 Video & Download the workbook


Lesson 1 Homework

Head over to the Lesson 1 thread in the Rising Women Facebook Group where I have a prompt waiting for you! {Remember, this is a great place to interact with both myself and the other members of this course – It’s always easier together!}


Lesson 2 – Content

Welcome back! I hope you learned something new yesterday.


Today’s lesson is all about CONTENT.

It’s super important that you pay close attention to this lesson because creating, choosing, and delivering the right content for your audience has the ability to make or break your success on Instagram. Serious!


Remember that Instagram is a visual platform, and if you put your visuals on the back burner, you’re going to see negative results, so this is something you just cannot skimp on.

Think of your content as your store front. Besides reading your bio, this is the first impression visitors will get of your business. If your content is low quality, unorganized, and mismatched, well guess what, you’re gonna attract low quality customers.


However, if you put in the time and effort to deliver high quality content that is both valuable and aesthetically pleasing, well my friend, you’re going to easily attract those high-quality customers that not only love what you do, but want to buy what you do!


Creating content that converts
Click the image or the link below to watch Lesson 2! Again, there is a complimentary workbook you can download and fill out to help make the most of this lesson.


Topics covered in Lesson 2:

  • How to deliver high quality images {even if you suck behind the camera!}

  • Different ways to create cohesion to increase your success on Instagram

Watch the Lesson 2 video & download the workbook



Lesson 2 Homework

Head over to the Lesson 2 thread in the Instagram Marketing Mastermind and follow the prompt I have waiting for you.. It’ll be fun, promise!



Lesson 3 – STRATEGY


I can’t believe we’re already on Lesson 3! By now you should have a pretty solid foundation for your Instagram account. You’ve got a bio that clearly explains your business, you’re giving your visitors a reason to click your one and only link, and you’re sharing content that is super high quality and supports the ‘focus’ of your account.


Up next is STRATEGY.


Make it work!
How are you going to make your account work for you? Simply uploading a photo every now and again won’t quite cut it I’m afraid. Instead, everything we do from here on out needs to be intentional and strategic. I don’t like to waste my time and I doubt you like wasting yours either, so by putting a strategy in place we set ourselves up to see the results we desire!


Topics covered in Lesson 3:

  • How often should you post on Instagram

  • What hashtags to use & how to find them

  • A simple method to gaining new followers, today

Click here to watch the Lesson 3 video & download the workbook


Before wrapping up today, I want to let you in on a little secret.. While I am sharing a lot of my insta-knowledge in this course, it truly is just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to learn the EXACT {i.e. step-by-step} methods I used to get my accounts to where they are now {generating leads and income on auto pilot}, check out my course, Instagram Success Strategy {and take 15% off your order for the next 7 days!}





Lesson 3 Homework

Head over to the Lesson 3 thread in the Rising Women Network Facebook Gorup to continue our chat!


Lesson 4 – MARKETING

I’m happily convinced that if you’ve implemented the last 3 lessons in this course, you have officially passed the “foundational” stage! Congrats. Now on to some more of the juicy stuff!


Lesson 4: Marketing


Grow your Business with Instagram Marketing


1. You don’t need to have a business to make money Instagram
Now I know most of you DO have a business that you’re ready to promote on Instagram but I want to address this for those of you who don’t. When I started risingwomennetwork I had no idea I would eventually turn it into a business. It was simply an idea I thought people might like.

A few months later I was doing everything I could to try and monetize the surge of followers I was receiving.

So, if you are passionate about something, don’t wait any longer to start an Instagram account for it because you never know who you are going to impact, and who knows, soon enough you too may find yourself transforming your hobby into a business of its own.

Also, keep in mind that the same concept applies if you have a business but you don’t have anything to offer yet. You can easily build up your audience and create hype around what you do, then when you do have an offer {whether it’s free, or paid} you have an audience ready and willing to scoop it up!


2. ‘Focus’ and ‘Success’ go hand in hand
I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but some of the most popular and successful {i.e. income generating} accounts on Instagram stick to the ‘focus’ of their feeds like glue.

My advice to you is to be extremely intentional about every photo you upload. Before you press ‘share’ ask yourself if this photo supports the focus of your account. Is it going to confuse your followers? Or support the content you’ve already shared?

Stick to 1-3 types of images you share on your account, and do not stray from them. I repeat: do not stray!! If you need to post a random image, use your personal account. There your feed can be as jumbled and inconsistent as you want {I know mine is!}


3. Quality Images = Quality Coin
I mentioned the importance of high-quality content in the lesson 2 video but let’s dive into that concept a little deeper.


Remember this: the type of content you share directly reflects the type of people you will attract. When you don’t take the time to make sure your visuals are on point, you are effectively cheapening your brand. Again, cheap brands attract cheap customers.

On the other hand high quality images make your account appear put together, attractive, successful, even luxurious. And this in turn, attracts luxury customers. Customers that put value in high quality goods. Customers that are willing to pay premium prices to get what they want.. See what I’m saying?

So, like I mentioned before, if you don’t think you’re a great photographer, that shouldn’t hold you back. You can use stock photos, hire a photographer, or take advantage of user generated content {UGC}


* One thing you must always keep in mind when using UGC is to give proper credit. It is very faux pas to use someone else’s content without giving full credit, so be sure to not only tag them in your caption, but in your photo as well.


Lesson 4 Homework
Head over to the Lesson 4 thread in the Rising Women Network Facebook Group and answer the question I have waiting for you!



Lesson 5 – PRODUCTS

Today’s lesson is a big one:

How to promote your products and services without being spammy


First let me address something. Instagram is not a platform designed for selling {but that doesn’t mean you can’t!}. Instagram, for me, is more of a place to build relationships with your audience. A place to show your expertise, and improve your “like, know & trust factor” {the thing that convinces people to buy from you!}


The best way for me to convey this message is to show you some examples. Below are two instances of selling on Instagram. Which one is more compelling to you?

If you said the second one, you’re on my brain wave girl! The reason why this photo is so much more compelling is because it’s showcasing the product in a realistic, non-sales-y way. These types of photos are what I call “lifestyle” photos.


Remember this: lifestyle photos sell product. Period!


When your audience sees a lifestyle photo, their first reaction isn’t “I’m being sold to” instead, it’s “Wow! I love that! It would look so good with my XYZ”.. and the next thing you know, that person is clicking the link in your bio and browsing your shop to find out how they can purchase it.

In contrast, the first photo above doesn’t stimulate the same action. Instead the user sees it and most likely moves right past because it’s too sales-y. {yup, you don’t have to write “buy my product” to be considered sales-y, your photos can easily say it for you}.

So what it boils down to is the mindset of your viewer. You want your audience to CHOOSE to purchase your product, you don’t want to have to tell them to do it.

Now, moving away from those stark product shots to lifestyle photos may be an adjustment, but trust me it will be worth it. Use a self-timer and photograph yourself, ask your friend to model for you, or go all out and hire a photographer. It will be worth it. I promise!


Now I can hear a few of you saying..


“Martine, I’m using lifestyle photos yet I’m still not making any sales!”

I hear you, and I get it. And as you may have guessed, I have an answer for this too 😉

The reason why you aren’t making any sales is because you aren’t reaching the RIGHT people. You may think your audience is full of your target market but if it were, and you’re implementing all the lessons I’ve mentioned so far, you would be making more sales than you can handle. Seriously.


So here’s the problem: if you don’t have the best hashtag strategy, you’ve implemented methods random “insta gurus” have taught you, or you use third party apps, you may end up with an audience who isn’t exactly in love with what you do.


And my friend, you deserve SO much more than that.

In order to successfully sell your products or services on Instagram you need to build a following of people who are interested in your niche, love what you do, and are ready and willing to spend money. You don’t need 100k of them either. In fact, you could make sales with literally 10 followers as long as they are targeted to your specific business.


So to help you solve this problem, I created my course, Instagram Success Strategy

Instagram Success Strategy is designed to teach you exactly how to:

  • Locate your target audience within Instagram using my 3 step research method

  • Actively convert users into followers and potential customers

  • Passively gain targeted followers {even while you’re sleeping!}

  • Uncover even more targeted users with Instagram’s built in competitor analysis feature

  • Conduct hashtag research the right way with a system that will serve you over and over

    … and much much more!

If you’re serious about your business and you want to use Instagram to generate an additional stream of income, then sign up today! {I’ve also given you 15% off for a limited time!}


* please keep in mind that the lessons I’m sharing throughout this course are absolutely enough for you to see financial gain. However, Instagram Success Strategy is for those of you who want to quickly and easily see results by investing in yourself and your business.



Lesson 5 Homework
Meet me in the Lesson 5 thread in the Instagram Rising Women Network Facebook Group and answer the question I have waiting for you!


Lesson 6 – Authority

OMG we are almost done the course already! I truly hope you’ve learned at least one new thing 🙂


Today’s lesson is about something I’m pretty sure every business owner wants to know:
How to appear as an authority figure in your niche


I cannot tell you how great it feels to have people mention my name when someone asks about using Instagram for business {thank you if that has ever been you!}

I know that what you do is equally as amazing and I want people to share your name when someone asks about your industry too! So here are the 3 main things I believe play a role in becoming an authority figure in your niche:


1. Be your imperfectly-perfect self
There are A LOT of people on Instagram. Once you start really focusing on your Instagram strategy you’ll find that your niche isn’t as small as you may have thought. It’s likely there are a lot of people doing exactly what you do, so it’s imperative that you stand out from the crowd.

The best way to do this is to embrace who you are and make it known on your Instagram feed. Take advantage of your captions as a way to infuse personality into your brand. Highlight your quirks and share them! Don’t be shy and let your audience see the real you, I promise they’ll love you.


2. Teach don’t tell
This one concept will likely change it all for you: go out of your way to provide real value to your audience. Instead of simply sharing a pretty picture and telling someone that it’s possible to cultivate clients on Facebook, or manifest money, or whatever it may be.. TEACH them how they can actually do it {like I am now! and like I do on my account risingwomennetwork }

Yes it does take additional time and effort to provide value but if you’ve gathered anything from my lessons so far it’s that putting in that extra bit of work is what’s going to make all the difference in your Instagram account and your business.


3. Create and use unique branding
All authority figures have a signature style. What’s yours?
You want to make sure that when people see your posts in their feed, they immediately know it’s you. When you have a signature style your posts become both memorable and shareable.

This can be achieved by the unique way you style your photos, the consistent color palette you use, or even the silly way you write your captions.
All you really need to do here is choose something, and stick with it!



Lesson 6 Homework
Head over to the Lesson 6 thread in the Rising Women Network Facebook Group and answer the question I have waiting for you!