self-publish mastery

Self-Publish Mastery is a 1:1 coaching program that teaches you how to make real money with your books, so you can quit your day job and do what you truly love — inspiring and connecting with your tribe!

(This proven program works for ALL non-fiction authors, whether you’re a coach, freelance writer,
blogger, speaker, online course creator or entrepreneur. )

Why self-publish mastery?

increase sales

I made this for you because I’ve been listening to you and I’ve heard what you’ve been saying and you’re struggling. Your book is written, it’s done. You’ve done the hardest part right, but it’s not exactly the Cash Cow you thought it was going to be.

make real money

You will learn how to make real money with your books so that you can actually inspire and connect with your tribe through your books — sharing your knowledge with the world.

escape plan

Quitting your job—well that feels like a pipe dream right now, doesn’t it? The Self-Publish Mastery coaching program is your escape plan. It’s going to give you strategies and systems that will get your book selling themselves without you having to waste thousands on costly advertising.

what clients have to say

"Martine is awesome — a total lifesaver! I’ve worked with her on several books and cannot tell you how many times she has rescued me from despair. Super responsive and helpful, Martine knows her way around Scrivener, Amazon and anything related to promoting a book. She’s pretty handy with email marketing too!"
Shandra Jackson
Web Designer
"Since working with Martine I've got a best selling book under my belt and get asked to speak at online summits all the time!"
Kathy Ray
Life Coach

Custom Author Strategies

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about me

Hi, I’m Martine, a published author. I’ve worked with hundreds of authors over the past two years.

I help authors sell more books, inspire and connect with their tribe, and bring systems and automation to your author biz. You’ll experience a tough-love (with a smile) approach and get shit done.

It’s all about doing vs. theory inside Self-Publish Mastery. Welcome!

Frequently Asked Questions

Since you’re signing up for an online digital product, we can’t offer refunds. You can make sure it’s the right fit for you by asking us your questions in the chat box or by sending us an email: martine@risingwomennetwork.com 

We’ll be chatting via Zoom, a free video platform. We’ll also be exchanging emails and you’ll get access to training materials and other resources via the RWN Teachable school.

You’ll be able to book your calls to suit your own schedule!

You can reschedule up to two calls during our 6 months together. You’ll receive an email at the beginning of each month asking you to book your calls in for that month. In respect of each other’s schedules, we ask that you check your calendar BEFORE booking in your calls to avoid any disappointment.

Sell more books, create streamlined systems to achieve your goals, and become a profitable author!