How to strategically plan your year so that you can
10x your growth in HALF the time!

Since the training I had my first 10K month this past month! I’ve also revisited the business plans I made for the first quarter and successfully accomplished my first goal. I’m thrilled to see the progress I’ve made in only 3 short months! 
It’s also made me not chase down all the shiny objects that compete for my attention, that’s for sure.


June Flores

90% of online business owners
don’t have the most
important thing they need:
the right goal with a plan for getting there.

Most Online
Business Owners
Lack Focus. 


They have no clue what they’re

actually working towards,
so they have no idea what the heck to

work on every day!


And that’s …
well …
a bit of a problem.

Does any of this sound familiar?

Well get excited, because
you're about to create the plan you
need in order to have your
most profitable year yet!

In just 5 days, you’ll:

This training is yet another example of brilliant, valuable info put across in a clear, fun and no B.S. fashion, but the most important factor I take away is that I actually felt super motivated during and after it! Now that my business is more streamlined and organizedI have more time to make it better! Sales have increased as has the number of happy customers who have left me lovely comments and even sending me thank you cards.

Sarah Taylor

Since the training I’ve booked many new clients, but
the thing I’m MOST proud of is that a created (and sold) my first online course!!!
 I’ve only sold it to two people so far … but I haven’t even launched it yet! Thanks for your help!”
Kelsey Martin 

My biggest win from taking the training was finally friggin’ understanding the numbers! I’d been told I needed to “follow the numbers” before – but which numbers? When? Where the heck were they?? I now know which numbers to follow, what they mean and how to build my business around them.
It’s nothing short of awesome.
” —- Grace Alexis


Here’s why you can no longer afford to

keep winging it without a plan …


1. Studies show that those with a strategic plan are over TWICE as likely to successfully grow a business that’s actually profitable VS those
who DON’T create a plan. (For reals.) 


2. Research shows undeniable proof that setting the RIGHT goals
(with specific action steps) for your business are an essential habit for success.


3. When you don’t get clarity around where you’ve been and where you want to go, you get STUCK in the same old place with
the same old results.


4. Plus, “just winging it” is a surefire recipe for wasted time, wasted
money and loads of OVERWHELM.

Do you think it would be wise
to try and build your dream home
without a plan?

(Yeah, I didn’t think so either. The same goes for your business!)

5 Day Profit Plan

A proven 5 day process for strategically planning your year so that you can
10x your business growth in HALF the time!  


This course can be completed in as little as 5 days with a

minimum time commitment of 1 – 2 hours a day. The daily lessons include
video, slides, workbooks and links to extra resources!

Why Hello!


I’m Martine. I’m an introverted, colorful and slightly crazy entrepreneur whose been working
for myself full-time for over 8
delightful years!

I’ve started and grown multiple successful businesses (both online and off) all as a one woman show.

And what is the backbone for every successful business? A PLAN!

Martine Success-2

Before I created my
strategic roadmap, I was a frazzled hot mess
that was ALL over the place!


The only thing that I REALLY knew was that I wanted to grow my business.
But I didn’t have a solid direction of EXACTLY where I was going
(or HOW I was going to get there), and so my day-to-day activities were …




I’d have about 50 new ideas floating around in my head at any given time, I’d start random projects spur of the moment and then not follow through,
and I’d blindly follow whatever shiny new strategy that I’d learn about from the latest podcast episode or webinar

And at the end of the day, the only REAL thing I’d have accomplished
was half-baked ideas and OVERWHELM.


But then I got it together
and strategically planned out my year.


And ohhhhh BABY, everything changed!!! (For the better.)

Because of the extreme clarity I now had, I woke up every day feeling
excited and focused (instead of frazzled and overwhelmed!)

Because I was no longer overloading my days with 10 million half-baked projects,
I was able to accomplish MORE in way LESS time.

Yes, with LESS work my business was actually growing FASTER.

And I now knew WHAT activities to focus on
every week to consistently bring in more money and more customers.


Since taking the training I’ve sold a bunch of courses at full price and have a group of people interested in individual coaching! (That’s actually a huge success for me because prior to 2019, I didn’t have any courses to sell.)
This training also helped me set quarterly goals for 2019 and I’m on track to meet them.”

Lisa Hermanez

Wondering What Type of Results You’ll Get From The 5 Day Profit Plan?

More confidence

Increased income

On target to reach goals

Understand how to prioritize

Way more clarity

Feelings of excitement and empowerment

Ah, just imagine …

✔️ Having a CLEAR PLAN for effectively
    growing your business every day

✔️ Actually REACHING your big scary
    revenue goals for the first time

    about your business and your goals

✔️ The peace of mind knowing you’re 
    spending your time on the RIGHT things


This training left me feeling absolutely amazing!
I don’t think I could ever feel more prepared to reach my business goals. I feel excited to improve and just the right amount of SCARED! If you are considering trying
this out, DO IT. It will change your life

Claire Morris

This training has kept me focused and on track- I even landed my first client! On top of that, I’ve also set up a brand new website for my business to live and I have blog posts ready for the next coming two months. I feel so
on top of things right now!” —– Amanda Forest


Get started now and you’ll be well

on your way to your most

profitable year yet




Wondering What The Course Includes?


The complete training is self-paced and can be completed in as little as 5 days!

By the end you will have a COMPLETE ROADMAP to having your

most profitable year yet!


In this lesson, it’s all about CLARITY. You’re gonna learn exactly how to discover
what you really want (and don’t want!) for your business so that you
can create the step-by-step roadmap for getting there. Why? Because setting great
goals and making BIG things happen all starts with getting extreme clarity 
on WHERE you’re going!



You’re gonna get clear on the money makers in your business! After all, it’s not enough to simply set lofty financial goals for the year, you need to know where specifically all that money is going to be coming from. You’ll also learn how to project revenue for each income stream so that you have solid numbers to strive for in order to help you actually HIT your financial goals! (Yes, even if you haven’t created ANY paid offerings yet!) 

Money makers


In this lesson you’ll learn how to actually create your roadmap to get you to where you want to go! This includes your promotional calendar so that you can focus on the RIGHT things every single day in order to most effectively grow your business. While you’ll be getting clear on your overall focus for the current year, you’ll also be creating your detailed plan for the current quarter so that you can start growing your business ASAP.



Now it’s time to learn about the number #1 mistake that most entrepreneurs
make when it comes to achieving longterm success, and how YOU
can avoid it. Because in order to get through the rough patches of the journey,
(and trust me, there will be many!), you need to develop the right mindset and habits to carry you through like a champ.



In THIS lesson on how to optimize your business for PROFIT, you’re gonna learn about the 3 main things that you absolutely need to focus on with all of your business activities in order to make the most of your marketing efforts, as well as the crucial numbers that you need to know in order to optimize your business for profit. (Yep, even if you’re NOT a “numbers person” like me!) No more driving your business blind, baby.



If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

And if you have no specific goals,

then you will get no
specific results.


“I absolutely LOVED this training. It helped me get focused and realize that change can happen if you make it happen! Since the training I’ve made time to create my first paid offer and am getting ready to sell it! Aside from that, I think the mental result of motivation and excitement, despite the scariness of it all, should not be underestimated.”  —- Elsie Jackson

This training series was the most valuable content I consumed all year. It got me laser focused on intentionally setting my financial goals and putting a realistic (and exciting!) plan of action in place.” —- Melissa Chan


Everything is Online.
Learn at Your Own Dang Pace.


Hey guess what?! You’ve got lifetime access
to the training and all of the juicy bonuses, so you can start and go through everything
whenever you’re ready and at your own pace!

However, the main training can be
completed in as little as 5 days with a
minimum 1-2 hour a day time commitment
so that you can be well on your way to your
most profitable year yet ASAP!

Let’s Sum This Awesomeness Up- 
Here’s Everything Included
With Your Enrollment:


(I want you to be aware of the enormous value that you’ll get with this amazingly SIMPLE course.
These numbers aren’t inflated for the sake of looking big- they’re an honest, good faith estimate since you can’t purchase all of these components separately!)



These core lessons are based on my 9+ years worth of experience starting and growing multiple successful businesses all as a one woman show. The process that I outline in easy-to-follow action steps to help you create your strategic roadmap is something that I’ve refined over years worth of planning my own business ventures! I’ve also broken everything down in the simplest way possible to save you time and to only give you what you absolutely NEED for creating a kick-butt plan that will allow you to have your most profitable year yet.
($1,000 value)



When you enroll, you’re gonna get some suh-weet bonuses to help you get even BETTER results! The insights that you’ll get with these bonuses are things that I’ve spent many years, countless hours and thousands of dollars to learn, test, refine and package up for you. 😊

($900 value)



I’ve had countless students who have taken this course say that afterwards they’ve felt the MOST excited that they’ve EVER felt about their business! That their self doubt was literally GONE. That their peace of mind was ABUNDANT because of the clarity and direction that they now had with their business. Feeling GOOD and having strategic action steps that will actually GROW your business is huge.




Total Value $1900

Total Investment only $79

Enrolling is super easy peasy!


Don’t waste another second.

This Course is Totally For You If ...

You haven’t even LAUNCHED your online business yet.

I couldn’t think of a better way to prepare yourself for starting your new business venture than by coming up with a solid PLAN for it! You’ll get clarity on the action steps you need to take, where you want your business to go and
you’ll even learn how to project revenue for your very first year!

You’re a passionate blogger.

Unless you just want to blog as a hobby, then your blog is a business! And you need to treat it as such by coming up with a solid plan for how you will grow, make money and totally thrive online.

You’ve got an online business, but you don’t have a clear ROADMAP.

Up until now you’ve just been kind of … well … “winging it.” And as a result, you find yourself not knowing what to focus on, falling prey to “shiny object syndrome” and NOT seeing the growth that you so desperately want! Your current version of planning includes long to-do lists and random goals that you rarely hit.

You sell suh-weet digital products.

When you sell digital products, you need to have a solid plan in place for HOW you will continue to get traffic, customers and sales! And if you’ve got revenue goals, then you need a roadmap for hitting them.

Your growth has plateaued and you want a BREAKTHROUGH. 

Your online business was going great for awhile until … it wasn’t. 
Your income has hit a plateau and you find yourself secretly wondering, “Well … is this it?” You know you want to take your business to the next level, but right now the only plan that you have for doing so is the scattered one inside of your head!

You have an online business of any kind.

If you’re trying to run an online business of any kind, then you need a solid roadmap in place so that you know how to spend your time, can make wiser decisions and can continue to grow like wildfire!

This Course is Definitely NOT For You If ...

You have a habit of
buying courses but never
actually use them.

This course will only benefit those who actually take action 
and put in the work! If you think just buying the course without putting it into action will benefit you, then please save your money, yo!

You don’t really
take your business seriously.

This course is for those who are SERIOUS about seeing their business succeed, and they’re willing to put in the time and effort to make that happen! This ISN’T for you if your biz is just a side gig “just for fun.” 

You don’t have an online business and you don’t plan on starting one!

This one might sound just a tad obvious, but if you currently DON’T have an online business (and you’re not seriously planning on actually starting one), then this course would be quite … pointless.

It’s time to make a decision, you creative bundle of joy!

Are you ready to join the tribe of amazing entrepreneurs who are currently making their business dreams come true with the proven and powerful process of creating an inspiring (but totally doable!) roadmap?


How do you want YOUR life and business to look 12 months from now?


But why enroll RIGHT now?

Because your future self will thank you.

Because your dreams are IMPORTANT and they’re worth going after right now. Not tomorrow, not a year from now,
but right this very second.

Create your roadmap for getting there.


Plus, the frustrations you have right now will only continue to get bigger.


If you’re experiencing things like massive overwhelm, lack of focus and lack of growth, do you really think
that continuing to “just wing it”
will really help?


The more you let those
frustrations simmer, the crappier they’ll make you feel. And THAT can lead to things like failure to even launch, burnout and giving up.


Plus, how long are you willing to go without seeing an actual PROFIT in your business? Months? YEARS?


Create the strategic roadmap you need so that you can 10x your business growth in 1/2 the time and start getting the results you want way faster!

(Psssst, if not now, then when?)

If you don’t say YES to your goals, your business
and your dreams right NOW … when will you?


Before this course, I was feeling defeated. I actually was just thinking of closing up shop for good! I had been so confused and just winging things to try and make the income to survive/live on that I really lost my passion.
This course has really brought me HOPE. That I CAN create something great and work on building something if I can have a plan, make decisions and start listening to my fans and customers and start having fun again!” —- Mary Jetson


You’ve got Questions? I’ve got Answers!

What if I haven’t even launched my online business yet?

No problem! I couldn’t think of a better way to prepare yourself for starting your new business venture than by coming up with a solid PLAN for it! You’ll get clarity on the action steps you need to take, where you want your business to go and you’ll even learn how to project revenue for your very first year!

When does the course start and finish?

It starts now and never ends! It’s completely self-paced, so you get to decide when you start and when you finish. Woot! However, this course is meant to be completed in just 5 – 7 days, so I recommend setting aside 1 -2 hours a day for about 5 days to get through it. Plus, you have LIFETIME access to the material (including all updates and added bonuses!)

Does this course teach me how to create a specific product to sell?

No. This course walks you through how to create a strategic PLAN for growing your business so that you can maximize your time, focus on the RIGHT things and grow your revenue! It covers things like how to plan your year in quarters, how to prioritize your tasks, how to create your promotional calendar + work schedule and what NUMBERS you need to focus on growing in your business. However, there IS a bonus lesson on how to come up with ideas for your “low hanging fruit offer!” (Ii.e. something that you can create quickly and easy!)

Do you offer a refund policy?

Sorry, no refund.

Ready to Majorly FAST TRACK your business growth? 




When you enroll in The 5 Day Profit Plan, you’re acknowledging that you have received and agreed to these terms.