Rising Women Network Chapter Director role is perfect for the woman who is highly connected, successful in her business and considered a “go-to” person in her community. She believes in a diverse, cross-industry community for women to lean on and learn from and she believes that opportunities for networking, education and business development are strengthened when women in the community come together from different backgrounds and have a variety of experiences to draw on. She wants to make a difference, feel valued, be paid for her contribution, and be part of something greater. She is always looking for synergistic ways to leverage her income. The Chapter Director believes that face-to-face networking/relationship building is one of the most effective ways to grow your customer base and wants to support the achievement and prosperity of success-driven women. Also, she is driven to invest in herself and in other women and she tends to be successful at whatever she does which leads to others recognizing her as a leader. Ultimately, she is a giver and believes in giving back. We welcome your application to be considered for a Rising Women Network Chapter Director.



          • Coordinate, manage, host and promote Rising Women Network events in her city, in a manner approved and specified by the corporate office.
          • Constantly update database of female business owners and professionals for exclusively communicating authorized Rising Women Network information
          • Locate a venue (city or country club, exclusive restaurant, or hotel property) to accommodate 25-75 women (new chapters generally have less attendees, so the intention is that the venue should accommodate growth)
          • Establish a team consisting of PR, marketing, registration, and event greeters to assist with marketing and promoting events
          • Attend other events in your city to promote and build membership
          • Source, book and coordinate local speakers for the events
          • Welcome and provide support to new members
          • Maintain standards and procedures established and modified as set forth by the Rising Women Network corporate office


Rising Women Network Chapter Directors are not permitted to produce market or sell other events that may conflict with their role as a chapter director.