15 Daily Affirmations To Motivate and Inspire You

Grateful for your paycheck, but know you don’t want to work there much longer?

Over my years of working with students, I have seen many women close to getting their careers unstuck, BUT they have one thing holding them back, their mindset.

Today, I want to share with you some positive affirmations you should repeat to yourself daily to help you start a business.  You must start thinking positively if you want to get out of a negative work situation. Changing my mindset was the biggest secret behind my career and business success.

I have always been a huge fan of affirmations. I actually do these every morning for five minutes and have notecards I keep by my bed to read. I am way more confident and calm throughout the day when I do this along with meditating.

15 Daily Affirmations To Motivate and Inspire You. Affirmations help you believe that you are already experiencing that outcome in the present moment and helping manifest it in the future.

Can we please stop confusing affirmations with magic?

Positive affirmations are phrases or statements that retrain your brain to think the right way and in doing so, cultivate the right mindset and energy for everything you want in your life.

Got it? Everything you want in your life can be yours. That can be your first affirmation.

I am worthy and deserving of everything that I want in my life.

Affirmations help you believe that you are already experiencing that outcome in the present moment and helping manifest it in the future.

How, you ask?

Let me give you examples.

If you want to be healthy, you envision health already happening to you.

If you want to have a highly profitable online business, you envision that success and money is already pouring into your business.

If you want to attract the right partner into your life, you live as though you already have met and believe in this person’s existence.

Then, you state those eventual realities as facts in the first person – I am, I believe, I do – and repeat them over and over to yourself, believing that the outcome is simply inevitable.

Because it is. If you believe first.

Now, here’s where the confusion comes from those who confuse affirmations with magic. Which is mainly prevalent in the Harry Potter world and generally requires the use of a wand.

Affirmations do not absolve you of taking the action that will bring you to the eventual outcome.

These affirmations are written to help you build confidence that you will find the right career for you. I recommend doing these every morning and creating a morning routine that gets your mind in the spot to take on the day. My morning routine (usually) involves a little exercise, reading, meditation, visualization and these affirmations.

Instructions: Sit relaxed in your chair. Take a deep breath. Believe these affirmations as you say them to yourself.

Affirmations For Entrepreneurs

  •  A successful businesswoman lives within me, and today that woman is running my business.
  •  I am confident and calm.
  •  Doors of opportunity and abundance open to me today.
  •  New opportunities come easily to me.
  •  There are no limits to what I can achieve.
  •  Today I am optimistic. I think positively and surround myself with positive energy.
  •  I feel strong, excited, and powerful.
  •  I regularly add income to my business.
  •  Today I will move my business forward.
  •  Amazing opportunities are constantly coming my way.
  •  I attract positive customers and team members to my business.
  •  There are no limits to what I can and will achieve today.
  •  I am smart, successful, savvy about business.
  •  The success of my fellow entrepreneurs fuels me with energy and joy.
  •  I can and I will do this! There is nothing stopping me.

Make sure you continue to stay positive about launching your dream career or business. YOU CAN DO IT!

Up for an affirmation challenge with me?

As a former skeptic, I get it. You don’t think this will work, so I am asking you to a challenge.

Let’s both commit to saying 5 – only 5 – affirmations from the list of 15 above every day. Choose your own set of 5 positive affirmations for entrepreneurs, and repeat it every day before you start your work and every evening before you shut down. Do this for 1 week.

On top of the affirmation challenge, remember to do the regular work. This is not magic. This has to be combined with your work!


Which one of the above affirmations are you going to repeat over and over again?


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