5 Easy Steps to Build a Business Around Your Passion

In this episode I’m discussing 5 Easy steps to building a business around your passion

 So let’s get to it.



5 Easy Steps to Build a Business Around Your Passion


Get a Supportive Community

This is so crucial and is often overlooked.

Yes, while I’m talking about helping you become a solo entrepreneur, there should be nothing solo about it.

Despite the fact online businesses are becoming more common, there’s a good chance those closest to you think you’re a “dreamer” or that there’s no way you could actually be successful on the internet.

If those are the only people you’re surrounded by, you’re going to have a tough road ahead.

Finding a community of people who not only believe in you, but are on the same path as you is so valuable to success.

If you feel like you’re lacking the discipline to be successful on your own, then having a community is even more important.

At Rising Women Network we have hundreds of members all around the world that are either in your exact shoes, or they’ve had success and are a couple steps past you.

That means you get both the accountability from the people starting this journey with you, and the mentorship from those who have successfully done what you’re just beginning.


Build the Relevant Skills

In talking with some people in our Facebook group, one of the biggest concerns I heard was “I’m not sure I have the skills I need to build this type of business.”

Here’s the cool thing about Rising Women Network, we don’t expect you to have any of those skills.

We are here to teach them to you in a hands on way.

So even if you’ve never built a website, have no idea what SEO stands for, and are terrified by the thought of trying to find clients – we walk you through every single step of the process.

And the coolest part about skills like SEO, copywriting, social media for business, and building a website? No matter what you do online after this, all of these skills will be unbelievably useful.


Build a Website to Use as Your Training Ground

It’s one thing to teach you the theory behind all of those skills; it’s another thing completely to get hands on with it.

That’s how you actually learn. But more importantly, while you’re learning you’re building an asset for yourself in the process.

We show you how to setup a website in a weekend, even if you have zero technical experience right now. Trust me, it isn’t as daunting as you think.


Freelance to Build Your Income and Your Confidence

Right now you may be thinking, “Ok, great. But how am I actually going to make money?”

I recommend people start out with the boring way to build an online business.

What is it?



Because it’s hands down the easiest way I know of to start making money quickly online.

Chances are you’re going to start with freelance writing. It’s a service that’s in huge demand (and isn’t nearly as saturated of a market as you think), and it’s a skill that I’d bet you already have a grasp of.

Within a few weeks of getting your website started and starting your outreach campaign, you’ll start to build momentum and see opportunities for work.


 Building a Business Off Your Passion (The Fun Part)

We’re going to help you with every aspect of finding clients, working with clients, bidding on jobs, invoicing, etc.

But I’m willing to bet you have something else in mind – perhaps a more fun business idea that’s built around a passion or something you love to do.

And this is why I’m so excited for our summer is continuing until the end of August.


Because while Rising Women Network has some great advanced resources to help people build that fun, passion based business – the crux of the program is designed around helping you build that income and confidence as quickly as possible.

As a Bonus I created a Roadmap to Build a Business Around Your Passion which you can download HERE