At Rising Women Network we strive to keep things simple while creating a positive experience free of rules that burden and exceptions that hinder your professional growth. We’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions; if yours is not answered here, please email us!

Do I have to own a business to be a member?
No. We are a diverse group of female professionals and women entrepreneurs! We welcome all women whether they work in the corporate sector or are a solopreneur or a veteran business owner.

Is Rising Women Network an industry-exclusive organization or is everyone welcome to join?
We have a “come one, come all philosophy” that invites women to join regardless of their company or industry or franchise. There are no exclusions nor do we have one spot designated for a business type.

Can I continue to attend events as a non-member?
Yes. There are no restrictions as to how many events you may attend as a non-member; however, as a member one of the many advantaging is saving $5 on every event.

How do I get started?
We’d love to have you experience what we are about by first attending one of our events! Just visit the calendar on the home page, click on any event and register as a non-member to meet some other extraordinary women and enjoy an amazing networking opportunity.

Do I have to be a member to advertise or sponsor an event or be a vendor at one of the expos?
Yes. One of the missions behind Rising Women Network is to support the women-owned businesses within the group. The opportunity to showcase your business is one of the membership perks; we invite you to become a member if you are interested in advertising or sponsorship.

How do I sponsor events?
If you’re interested in advertising or sponsorship or being a vendor at one of our expos or events, email us at risingwomennetwork@gmail.com for the details!

How do I get featured on the Deals and Discounts blog on the home page of the website?
You must be a member to be featured. The cost is $25 and you have to offer some sort of discount on your product or service and have a way for the members to be able to take advantage of that discount. To get started, just email risingwomennetwork@gmail.com to schedule the posting of your deal and discount blog. Blogs remain on the site indefinitely but you will be featured for at least one week.

How do I share an announcement with other members?
Rising Women Network often publicizes announcements on behalf of its members. Please use this form to submit announcements for free events, vendor opportunities, charity functions, recognitions like awards and newspaper articles, etc. You can also post in the member forum located in the members only area under the “connect” tab. You must be a paid member to take advantage of this perk.

How do I add my marketing materials to the swag bags?
Adding your materials to the swag bags is a perk of being a member. We put together at least one swag bag per month. You can email risingwomennetwork@gmail.com to put stuff in the bags. All marketing materials must be attached to a promo item (pen, etc), sample or edible treat. You’ll be asked to submit materials/goodies for 50 bags. For special events, like expos, there may be a $25 fee to submit marketing materials for 100 plus bags.

What charities or initiatives does Rising Women Network support?
Our mission is to educate, motivate, and inspire women. Each year we select a handful of causes to support. We are committed to spreading the message about non-profits that support self-esteem in young girls and the education of professional women.

If I registered for an event and can’t attend may I request a refund?
Yes and No. We do not offer refunds for events. However, if you email us that you can’t attend twenty-four hours before the scheduled event we can instead apply a credit toward a future event or put that credit toward your membership fees. There are no refunds on membership dues or vendor/sponsor registrations.