How to create a clear brand message for your business

Are you driven and completely passionate about your business but still struggling to achieve the success you think it deserves?

This can be incredibly frustrating and perplexing when you’ve put in so much hard work. It may be a hard reality but, a business needs to be so much more than the “business” it conducts, it needs a clear brand message.

It is the customers who count, at the end of the day, and in an ever-competitive marketplace, many companies can’t survive simply by offering a brilliant product or service.

The truth is that customers have an ever-increasing sea of options presented to them, and dozens of other businesses within your very industry are likely offering the same or similar services to you.

That’s why you need to be standing out to your target market in new and exciting ways, and the brand you present through clever marketing and reputation-building is absolutely essential.

If you’re wondering how to create a clear brand message for your business, then here are some top tips. To get you started.

If you’re wondering how to create a clear brand message for your business, then here are some top tips.






People like companies who stand for something more important than the profit they hope to make. Your business needs to not only have objectives within its organization to keep on track but also an objective, a mission or a message that it projects to the outside world. You need to be representing the important values at the heart of your organization to demonstrate what an important business you’ve created. Perhaps you’re striving to be the most economically friendly business in the industry, or perhaps you’re striving to help certain charities or solve certain problems affecting local communities.



Any business without an online presence is going to struggle to make an impact on their target market. You need to be promoting your brand through social media, but also using Twitter and other profiles to build up a network and create a personal connection with customers; sharing humorous and lighthearted things will draw in potential customers by portraying a personal and non-corporate image.



SEO (search engine optimization) is also at the heart of your brand’s online identity. However, optimizing your website so that it ranks highly on Google result pages depends on more than using keywords that match the terms for which people search, as every other business is doing that. The ranking game is competitive. Showing up at the top of the list depends on a website with fast loading times and having a responsive layout to all devices, whether that means a mobile or a laptop user. Essentially, Google and other search engines rank websites depending on their ability to meet the customer’s needs. Your website needs to impress customers, as that’s what impresses Google enough to rank it more highly.



Customers can see through a fake brand, so it’s important that your business holds true to its values. If you’re going to say the brand is eco-friendly then you need to be cutting down on waste across the entire organization. If you’re going to say that you believe in exceptional customer service then your employees need to be exceptional. When you deliver big promises, your company needs to follow through.