5 Creative Ways to Grow Your Email List

Want to grow your email list?

Got a blog?

New tools and placement options have made it easier than ever to create an offer that compels blog visitors to share their email address with you.

In this article you’ll discover five unique ways to grow your email list from your blog readers.

New tools and placement options have made it easier than ever to create an offer that compels blog visitors to share their email address with you. In this article you’ll discover five unique ways to grow your email list from your blog readers.

#1: Put Your Best Offer on Your Homepage

To encourage email signups, show the value of being an email subscriber on the homepage of your blog. The main focus should be on your opt-in box.

Place the links to other areas of your site below the fold, so readers won’t see them unless they scroll down the page.

Bluewire Media collects email addresses directly from their main page. Below, they offer visitors free marketing templates in addition to news and updates delivered to their inbox.

Gather new email addresses right from your homepage.

#2: Use a Feature Box to Present Lead Magnets

If you don’t have a custom homepage or don’t have the resources to redesign your current homepage, a feature box might be a good option for you.

A well-designed feature box exchanges your lead magnet for new email addresses. You typically place the feature box above the fold of your page so it’s immediately visible to users.

Unlike entry pop-ups, feature boxes don’t interrupt visitors from scrolling down the page and browsing your blog content. They can either take your bonus or scroll down the page.

The feature box at DIYthemes increased the blog’s subscription rate by 51.7%. Feature boxes convert well even if they’re subscription-only and don’t offer a lead magnet.

A feature box above the fold grabs your readers’ attention, but doesn’t prevent them from scrolling down the page.

Choose a good opt-in offer, such as a free email course. The Enchanting Marketing blog offers readers a free writing course in their feature box.

This feature box offers a free email course as a lead magnet.

If you’re looking for a tool to create opt-in feature boxes, try the WordPress plugins PlugMatter Optin Feature Box or Thrive Leads.

Don’t forget that your homepage is one of the most visited pages on your blog, so it deserves special treatment. Think about changing your homepage design to include an engaging sign-up box as the next step after a feature box.

#3: Add Content Upgrades to Blog Posts

Content upgrades are another way to grow your email list. The principle behind them is the same as for any opt-in form: You give away free material (a lead magnet) and get your visitors’ email addresses in return.

Place a link to your bonus content with a call to action in your article and wrap it with an eye-catching box. When readers click the link, a pop-up box appears, asking for their email address to get the bonus material.

Michael Hyatt offers readers a list of literary agents as a bonus in the following article, which is valuable material for his readers and relevant to the topic of the article.

In your article, place an eye-catching link to your offer with a call to action.

When readers click your download link, open a pop-up box asking for their email address. After readers complete the form, redirect them to a page with the bonus.

After readers type in their name and email, they’re redirected to the page where they can download the free guide.

You can use a variety of different materials in your content upgrades. Here are a few examples:

  • A PDF version of your article
  • A checklist
  • An instructional video
  • A template
  • A list of tools or resources
  • An infographic

Remember that you need to choose bonus content that is highly relevant to the topic of your article. That’s why content upgrades are often called “content-specific bonuses.”


#4: Display a Scroll-Triggered Box

Another effective and unobtrusive way to turn readers into email subscribers is to use scroll-triggered opt-in boxes.

A scroll-triggered box doesn’t cover up any content.

Unlike pop-ups, scroll-triggered boxes don’t interrupt the visitor’s reading and don’t cover up any content. Place a scroll-triggered box at the corner of the page when readers scroll down to a certain part of your article.

By the time the box appears in front of readers, they’ve already read most or all of your article. They’ve formed an impression of you, so it’s a good time to introduce your offer.

If you want to use a scroll-triggered box on your blog, try a tool like Scroll Box by SumoMe or the Scroll Triggered Boxes plugin for WordPress. Both of these tools are free.

#5: Show an Exit Pop-Up

Although people say they hate pop-ups, studies show that pop-ups are effective for collecting email addresses, especially when they’re well designed and have strong, engaging text.

A good pop-up design and call to action can be very effective.

If you’re worried about potentially irritating your visitors with a pop-up, consider using an exit pop-up, which is action triggered and shown only when visitors intend to leave your page.

You don’t lose anything and don’t run the risk of irritating visitors when you offer them something right when they’re about to leave. Keep in mind that exit pop-ups work only for visitors who have spent time on your blog.

If you’re looking for a tool for pop-ups, and exit pop-ups in particular, try OptinMonsterPopUp Domination, or SumoMe’s List Builder. The latter is free with an opportunity to upgrade to a pro version.


These are all effective ways to get people to sign up for your email list from your blog. Keep in mind that you can use more than one of these techniques at the same time.



What do you think? Do you use some of these tactics on your blog? What tips do you have for growing your email list? Please share your thoughts in the comments below.