Self-love: The Secret to Running a Successful Business

Here’s the thing; if you don’t see self-love as an essential business skill, we need to talk right now. As the title suggests, I do think self-love as a business owner is a key in helping you find the success you’re looking for. Sure improving your sales funnel or conversion rates matter – actually they matter a whole lot – but you can’t grow your business without confidence, and that’s where self-love comes in!

Struggling with confidence and self-doubt is very common; the imposter syndrome struggle is all too real!!! However, these insecurities all stem from a lack of self-love. Self-love as a business owner can take many forms such as accepting your flaws or shortcomings – we ain’t all perfect after all. Once you start being comfortable accepting things about yourself and your business as they are, instead of feeling guilty or ashamed you will be in the right mindset to begin growing and finally getting the results you’re after! You can’t tell me that doesn’t sound outright amazing!

Self-love eliminates self-doubt

Self-doubt is something most entrepreneurs struggle with, understandably so! There is a lot of risks involved in being a business owner and trying to get your business off the ground, keep it afloat and then grow it towards your bigger goals. You have to put yourself out there, work past making mistakes, and learn new skills on the go.

The pressure of running your own business, especially for the first time, can really get in your head and make you doubt yourself. Self-love allows you to be confident in yourself when you know you don’t have all the answers and when you know you must seize an opportunity! Self-love as a business owner allows you to feel confident in your journey because you believe in yourself. And that can be so incredibly powerful to propel your business growth!

Self-love builds your confidence

When you’re putting yourself out there, a lack of confidence can hold you back. When you practice self-love and embrace yourself, you will become more confident over time! But not only in yourself but also in your story and your authenticity.

With self-love by your side, you will be able to confidently talk about yourself and your business to anyone, through any media. I’m referring to all the things from networking, to social media post to Facebook Lives and your website and landing pages. You can’t feel confident if you don’t believe in yourself, but the reverse is also entirely true. With self-love and confidence by your side, you will be able to be more vulnerable and more open. More importantly, you will be confident that your own story is worthy to share and that will resonate with people listening to you significantly more.

Self-love creates charisma

Personally, I believe that confidence is beautiful; it makes for a self-assured, real and even charismatic person. I’m referring to other people enjoying this persona’s vibe and presence. It draws like-minded people to you as if it’s magnetic. It attracts the right clients and leads.

No one is every 100% truly okay with themselves because if they were, they would never grow. But accepting oneself is a vital component of both self-love and confidence that can be paramount in your business’ success.

Self-love eliminates comparisons

When we’re feeling down, and we’re seeing the successes and wins of others it can indeed make us feel a lot worse. Comparison is not something we can overcome by merely flipping a switch and telling ourselves that “we no longer care, it’s cool.” Ha! If only…

However, when you do feel confident, when you do love yourself, looking at the successes and wins of other entrepreneurs will no longer leave us hurting that we aren’t there ourselves. Frankly, through self-love as a business owner, you can look at someone’s success and be happy for them without putting yourself down and feeling critical or sorry about your own situation. We become objective and supportive of others instead of being envious. We accept that we are all on different journeys and no longer seek to put ourselves down through comparison.

Self-love is a mindset shift

I really could talk about mindsets all day long. They are absolutely the key to success and even happiness – yup, I went there! Heres why, because self-love is such a positive attitude it forces you to see the world differently. It lets you see things more positively. And it works! Practicing and experiencing self-love allows you to see risks as less scary through confidence and opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise notice because of self-doubt. Self-Love, as a business owner, opens up a new way to look at the world around you – and it won’t only be limited to business activities. Instead, you won’t see obstacles as too complicated, and you will embrace challenges you once through were a real problem as nothing to worry about.

When you have self-love, you have options. Because you know that whatever obstacles come your way, you’ll be able to handle them. You believe in yourself, your skills, your talents, and your abilities. ~ ASHA THOMAS

The takeaway

Come to think of it, self-love is a positive mindset that’s because you will literally see the world differently. Self-love will enable you to be more lucky and manifest amazing things. Not because it’s magic but because it’s a whole new worldview. When you think positively, you see the world differently. When you are confident in yourself you will attract the right people and so on… it’s an amazing, love-filled, positive spiral that is essential to any business owner’s success! So, yes I do believe that self-love is the secret to running a successful business!




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