How To Start Your Creative Business

I see you! You have a dream, but you are waiting for some magical time to tell you “that now is the time to start your creative business”. The timing is right, you are prepared and you are financially ready. I hate to tell you this, but there never really is an ideal time to start a business. Maybe you are like us and couldn’t find a job so you started a cupcake shop. Or maybe you were laid off after just switching jobs 3-months earlier. Or maybe you weren’t thrust into the fire like us and it has just been on your mind and burning in your soul for awhile. I challenge you to get started. I have laid it out in 7 easy steps, because I want you to succeed so much we have even put together a FREE 7-day course to help you get started (see more about that below).

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  1. Find Your Passion And Purpose

Knowing you have passion is one thing, but giving it purpose is another. Passion is engrained on your heart with a carving knife; you just have to be willing to take a look. Deep down we all know our passion and where our heart truly lies. What is yours telling you to do? Does your job align with that passion? If not how could you change that?

When you use your passion the way nature intended, you start to feel purpose. You begin to see that what you do matters. I am not telling you to sell your house and move to Africa; I am just saying take baby steps towards making an impact.


  1. Make a Plan For Your Creative Business

After you have analyzed that gut feeling of yours and realized it was more than just a daydream it is time to make a plan. You need to begin to build a plan to put that passion to work. How can you create a business focused on this central mission? (Totally stuck? Don’t miss out on the free course at the bottom of the post)

Our mission at Rising Women Network is to help people realize their dreams and put them into action. We do this because we are passionate about people! We believe you have dreams worth achieving. We want you to wake up every day empowered to do what you love. We educate thousands of creative entrepreneurs (just like you) through our 180+ blog posts, free workshops and through webinar. We strive to create a path to achieving your goals. And reward yourself with a purposeful and profitable business.

At Rising Women Network it is so much more than just a cute Instagram feed or being popular. We strive to harvest a community built on giving. You can sit with us. We are about helping businesses become brands that make a difference. We’ll give you the kick in the butt you’ve needed to grow your business, simplify and streamline your life.

Take your own mission and put it to work. Our first suggestion would be to build your own business plan. Never majored in Business in college? Don’t worry, there are lots of helpful resources out there to help you get started.

This is the business plan template I personally used to get started. Need help making some goals that are specific, measurable, attainable, reasonable and timely? Try this method.


  1. Get Organized

Once you have your business plan in place it is off to the races. Time to start putting those immediate goals in action. This process can get pretty overwhelming. So instead of pulling out your hair over it, use some tools to get organized.


  1. Set Up Shop

Time to make this business a reality. You have really started to nail down the specifics and check them off one by one (no multitasking folks). There might come a point where you just need more help and that is ok. Generally when starting a business, creative or not, you need certain staples like:

  • A logo
  • A website (with valuable and descriptive content about what you do)
  • A reason for people to keep coming back (perhaps using a blog or newsletter)
  • Social media setup, strategy and implementation
  • And the list goes on

Just need help with the strategy or perhaps a little one-on-one coaching, we can consult you on a way to implement the marketing wing of your new business.

Contact us to learn more about how we can help! 


  1. Generate Buzz

You aren’t building an arch. No one just lines up two-by-two. You are in charge of generating buzz for your new business. I am a huge fan of doing this the organic way rather than paying for publicity. Especially, when you are starting out it doesn’t necessarily make sense to pay for someone to see what you are up to. The more you are ignited, the more your audience will be excited.


  1. Plan a Launch

Things are about to get very hectic!! Instead of pulling your hair out with no plan or direction – build out a marketing scheduled centered around your launch.


  1. Just Do It

Well believe it or not you are ready to rock it! You have made the plans, got them organized and put them in motion. Now it is time to take the ball and just keep rolling. The key to making this all work is to believe you can do it. The body achieves what the mind believes! You are 100% capable of whatever you set your mind to and make happen.

If this all makes you feel a little queasy I highly suggest you jump into the free course below for a little confidence booster.


Stop wasting time and turn your dream into a reality. Let’s turn your side hustle into a soul fulfilling, goal-crushing, freaking profitable creative business. We get it. You work all day and then you come home and you hustle even harder. Balancing essentially two full time jobs is not for everyone. Let’s make a plan, simplify and start earning what you are worth. Get started with this free 7-day email course!


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