YouTube for Beginners: How to Start a Channel for Your Business

I decided to start a YouTube channel.

After hearing over and over again that 2016 was the “Year of Video,” I had a feeling it would benefit my business if I jumped on this trend.

Like many YouTube beginners, I had plenty of initial reservations. Not to mention, I wasn’t exactly sure where to begin with basics like structuring the content of my videos or giving information that would attract the right viewers.

Have you ever thought about starting a Youtube channel? Here is what I’ve learned in the last two years; YouTube for Beginners: How to Start a Channel for Your Business.

Focus on adding value with specific steps and strategies

You’ll likely feel a little bit stiff or uncomfortable when you record your first several videos. I was so camera-shy when I started that I actually felt this way for a couple months.

Little did I know, this is totally normal.

However, you can speed up the time it takes to shake those nerves if you shift your focus from how nervous you are, and place that focus on the value you’re offering people.

When you offer valuable information in the form of quick, actionable tips that can help people, two things happen:

  1. You’ll be less concerned with how you appear on camera since you’ll be really focused on delivering great content.
  2. Your audience will see past any nerves that happen to come across in your video — if they need the information you’re sharing, they’ll be focused on how it applies to them and their lives.

Focusing on the value you’re adding will keep you motivated to make videos, while building lots of trust with your audience.

Give yourself time – More time than you think!

About a month in, you might start wondering if recording all those videos is even worth it.

It’s likely you’ll still be at the point where only a small number of people are viewing your videos, and filming those videos will probably still feel like work.

I’ll be honest, it took me a couple months to start feeling comfortable on camera. And about three months until I got my first client who found me because of video. By the fourth month, I actually started to enjoy recording videos for my channel — and now I’m addicted!

This might seem obvious because you know that nothing in business happens overnight, and success with video is the same way. So give yourself time to gain traction when you first start.

Start your videos with YOU on camera

Super simple, straightforward tip here.

Starting your video with you on camera allows people to decide right away if they connect with you as a person. This will keep the people who connect with you watching, simply because they want to get to know you.

Stick to the essential information

One thing I like about Amy’s channel is that she shares quite a bit of personal content, in addition to her business content.

When I started, I often wondered, “Should I be sharing more personal content?”

Sharing personal content is great for connecting with an audience of subscribers, but when you’re looking to build an audience, it’s all about delivering quick and actionable content.

Why? Because videos with quick tips are more searchable (assuming you title them correctly) and people who don’t know you already will watch them because they’re interested in the topic you’re covering. The more eyeballs you have on your videos, the faster you’ll grow that larger, dedicated audience.

Plus, you’ll want to keep your videos shorter so people will stay and watch several. This is one metric YouTube’s algorithm uses to decide whether or not your content is worth favoring in “related videos” and search.

Add a call to action

Another simple, actionable one that I wish I would’ve known a lot earlier — add a call to action in all your videos.

The only thing you need to do here is tell your viewers to do something. Something like:

  • Hit like
  • Subscribe
  • Comment
  • Check out a related blog on your site
  • Download a related freebie on your site

Adding a call to action will build trust with your audience even faster since they know you’ll tell them what to do next. Plus, all the extra engagement doesn’t hurt either.

Are you considering getting started with video? You don’t have to go at it alone!


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