10 Social Media Tools to Improve Your Marketing Strategy

I have compiled a list of 10 tools I believe can make a big difference in social media marketing strategy. Chances are you are using some of them already; maybe you will find some more to add today or even a tool that seamlessly connects all the tools you have been using. The list is based on my personal experience as well as popularity among businesses.

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These top 10 tools can ensure that your social media strategy properly aligns with your business’ goals and objectives:

  1. Openr: Turns everything you share into a call to action. Share on social media and automatically add targeted promotional calls to action onto any page you share.
  2. Hootsuite: Social media management. Great for businesses with 12-50 profiles and pages to maintain.
  3. Buffer: Social media management. Limited to the biggest platforms and great for up to 11 profiles and pages. Beautiful design, flawless app.
  4. Canva: Use templates for perfect social media headers, flyers, Facebook post images, featured images with custom dimensions, and more.
  5. Hashtags.org: Find out quickly what the most popular hashtags are so you can jump on the trend and get more visibility for your posts.
  6. Hyperlapse: App from Instagram. Use this to create time-lapse videos.
  7. PicMonkey: Free online photo editing. Filters, collages, overlays, and more.
  8. Tweetwall: Project tweets in real-time at events or on a wall in your office to show tweets that include your signature hashtag.
  9. Bitly: Shorten URLs so they fit the character limit of Twitter and other social networks. Also tracks cross-channel marketing strategies, among other things.
  10. Alltopand HolyKaw: Use Alltop to find out what’s most popular on specific websites. If you need to curate content for Twitter profiles and the like, this is your website.

Social Media Tools for Your Business Strategy

If you have the creativity and passion for your company and you’ve fully committed to a social media marketing strategy that aligns with your brand and goals, these 10 tools can only take your campaign to an even higher level than you expected.

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